Questions for all of you…

Sometimes writing a blog can feel like throwing tales out into the void. I’m lucky in that people do comment on my blogs, but that just gives me a tantalizing glimpse into your minds. So this is to expand on that. I welcome anyone to answer, whether you’ve ever read my blog before or not.

Tell me about you…

  • What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?
  • What are the 3 worst things to happen to you this week?
  • What secret skills do you have?
  • What would your superpower be?
  • What would you like to change about yourself?
  • What would you like to change about your life?
  • You have a time machine, you can use it three times, when would you go?
  • What subject do you wish you knew more about?
  • What do you think of as your job? Do you like your job?
  • What is in your pockets?
  • What is your favourite TV program/ magazine/ book?

My answers

What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?

In no particular order

  •  I finished rewriting my book, which is why I have time to cogitate on blogs like these.
  • My boss liked how I pruned a fig tree, said it was perfect.
  • A good friend of mine is getting married! She’s dreading it!

What are the 3 worst things to happen to you this week?

  • Had an argument with a colleague, I think because he didn’t like how I pruned my fig tree and so he picked a fight over something else.
  • I had one of those uneasy dreams, where people close to me are acting weird as if they’ve been taken over by aliens. Spent the day feeling nervous.
  • I’ve got this new niggling pain in my back, I think I may have started sitting wonky.

What secret (useless) skills do you have?

I can write backwards, upside-down and then backwards and upside down at the same time.

What would your superpower be?

The ability to show people how others see them. I have a suspicion that nastiness is often a result of people not realising they are being nasty; that anxiety comes from believing other people actually notice and care about what you do when they don’t; and people I love don’t seem to have a clue about how much everyone else respects them. So I’d want to solve all these problems with my truth lasers.

Either that or really springy feet that I could use to leap my way around buildings and up trees.

What would you like to change about yourself?

It’s a dull answer, but I’d just like to get rid of anxiety and stress-based exhaustion. They taint friendships, adventures, hobbies, work. They improve nothing.

What would you like to change about your life?

To have some success with writing. To own a cat. Or a dog.

You have a time machine, you can use it three times, when would you go?

  • Assuming my time machine has a few attachments that allow me to survive in inhospitable landscapes and translate speech into something I understand. A few hundred million years into the past to see all the bizarre ocean animals, the first plants and fungi to evolve.
  • Ancient Greece, the time of Aristotle. It seems such a sophisticated time, but with many curious twists to their politics and morals.
  • The future – I’d probably regret it, but the curiosity would be too much. Are we heading for the destruction of the human race? Will the changes to our environment lead to an evolutionary burst of new animals?

What subject do you wish you knew more about?

History. I have only fragments and no way of holding it together, because my knowledge is so patchy.

What do you think of as your job? Do you like doing it?

I added the first question for people who do a job that means nothing to them, but do something else that’s very important. Or people not currently employed, who of course still have passions and labour that occupy their time.

For me, I think of work as the thing I get paid for. I’m a gardener, I love it, but the place I work is unusually complicated and competitive for gardening and I find that stressful sometimes.

What is your favourite TV program/ magazine/ book?

Currently Community (although in the past it was 4400 and Red Dwarf)

New Scientist

I’m not a great reader these days, back when I was smarter it was Swing Hammer Swing! by Jeff Torrington and The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts by Louis de Berniere.

38 thoughts on “Questions for all of you…

  1. What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?
    I had a dream where I have always wanted to understand some features about the world and language, I found a book and understood a lot, some of those answers I still have.
    I fell in love with my best friend in the dream, which is awesome. She is an awesome person, don’t have feelings for her in real life but that dream was something else.
    I finished Game of Thrones Season 5
    What are the 3 worst things to happen to you this week?
    I’m still depressed.
    What secret skills do you have?
    I can invent board games. I have invented over 67 games.
    What would your superpower be?
    I would like to fly, I always have the ability to fly in my dreams and I would it would feel as amazing as in my dreams.
    What would you like to change about yourself?
    Get a better brain. I hate having chronic depression, anxiety disorder and ADHD. It has fucked my life over pretty bad.
    What would you like to change about your life?
    II would like to have permanent internet connection. No…I would like my mom back, she died this year 29th March. I miss her.
    You have a time machine, you can use it three times, when would you go?
    First I would go see Marilyn Manson live in one of the Guns, God and Government work tour. He was in his prime.
    Secondly, visit the philosopher Thomas Auquinas.
    Then, I would love to see the universe being created.

    What subject do you wish you knew more about?
    I wish I knew a lot of biology.Planning on takin it, although I’m pretty much done with my tertiary education.
    What do you think of as your job? Do you like your job?
    My job is thinking, and I love thinking. As you can tell I’m unemployed at the moment.
    What is in your pockets?
    I have two aspirins for my headaches and a few coins and slips from the store.
    What is your favourite TV program/ magazine/ book?
    Favourite TV programme is Gilmore Girls
    Magazine is Metal Hammer
    Book, The Dark Tower series by Stephen King my favorite in the series being Wizard and Glass.

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      1. But these questions, and your answers reveal a diverse range of interests and talents! I mean, you design games; how cool is that?! And your time travels cover the spectrum from music to the creation of the Universe itself! And your interests in books, magazines and TV could not be more varied…

        Sorry. I’m really not a stalker type; just fascinated by interesting people, and I think you qualify… 🙂

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  2. Great responses. Home made board games are the best, always more fun than bought ones. Very sorry to hear about your mum and health troubles. Thank you for replying! 🙂

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  3. Best 3: Found a new writing website that ups the ante for me as far as daily word count. Ate fresh, homegrown strawberries. Had my wild and crazy cat cuddle me for the first time in a while.
    Worst 3: Messed up at work (not major). Panic attack #1. Panic Attack #2.
    Secret Skills: I’m organized in my chaos. I know more psychtherapy than lots of therapists by virtue of being a patient for 17 years. I’m a cat whisperer for my four cats.
    Superpower: Not procrastinating would be a good one–Motivation Woman
    Change/myself: Be better motivated
    Change/life: Not suffer from chronic illness
    Time Machine: Would meet Jane Austen. Would meet Mary Shelley. Would meet Queen Victoria.
    Subject I wish to know more about: Science–always my most difficult study in school.
    Job: Reader Advisor at a special library for the blind, physically handicapped and reading disabled. Most days I like it, but I long for something more. Just don’t know what yet.
    Pockets are empty
    TV show: none. I don’t have TV. Magazine: Writer’s Digest or The Writer. Book: The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov

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  4. This is such a cool idea! I read your work but don’t always comment (sorry!! I’m a bit of a lurker!) even though I love your writing… I thought I might do this to make up for my silence…
    3 best things: It’s been (mostly) sunny and warm this week! I got my bike working so I can go for bike rides, and I wrote something for the first time in a while.
    3 worst things: My best friend has been quite sick this week, so I’ve missed him. A close friend lost someone she loved very much. I got rained on really hard and had to wear wellies to school (embarrassing but pretended it was a fashion statement).
    secret skill: I can recite the Jabberwocky. Also I know the rap from One Week by Barenaked Ladies.
    superpower: Hmmm. I’d like the power to see into the past of objects – it’s history, how it was made, etc… I don’t know if that counts as a superpower, but it would be really useful to find out what Palaeolithic life was like by looking at tools…
    change about myself: I’d like to be braver, and less doubtful of myself.
    change about my life: Not much… Maybe live somewhere where it doesn’t rain so much.
    time machine: Same idea as you really – I’m going straight to the Cambrian (500-ish million yrs ago) to see early life, then to Jurassic to check out some dinosaurs, and then to the Palaeolithic – maybe 50,000ish years ago to meet some ancient humans (sapien & neanderthalensis!!)
    subject I wish I knew more about: Melittology/apiology – wish I’d been able to stick at biology to study bees. My goal is to be a beekeeper.
    job: Erm, my job right now is probably stressing over exams which is lame & I’m ready to retire.
    pockets: Empty!
    Favourite TV program/ magazine/ book: Hannibal or Futurama / Geoscientist / Howl’s Moving Castle or 1984…

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    1. Love these answers! Good to know I won’t be the only one going back to pre-pre historic times. I’m happy that you’re lurking 🙂 Good luck with the exams

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    2. A lover of life and its history; you sound like a really interesting person. I’d love to sit down some day, have coffee (or tea), speculate about ancient life and hear you recite your secret skills… 🙂

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      1. Haha thank you for such a lovely compliment! 🙂 I’m not that interesting really! But I might take you up on the offer of a chat – I’d love to learn about Tarot readings & prophetic dreams – now that sounds interesting!! 🙂

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  5. Best 3: I finished my first semester back at school. I went to lunch with my sister-n-law. I was able to watch the relief in my husband’s face that his class was over.

    Worst 3: I cannot make my daughters dream of dancing a reality. Dance is over and I miss my stress outlet. I had to take my kids back to my ex’s.

    Secret Skills: most people do not know that I dance or speak about my mental illness.

    Superpower: Being able to get along with almost any child or animal.

    Change: I could leave the house more often without having a panic attack.

    Change: not let my PTSD symptoms hinder what I can do.

    Time Machine: I would not let my abusers choose my path for school and life. I would have listened to myself.

    Subject I wish to know more about: Advocacy-I think everyone needs someone in their corner.

    No job at the moment.

    Nothing is in my pockets.

    I like any dance show out there.

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    1. Thank you for your answers. Your superpower sounds handy, I’m imagining you like St Francis of Assisi, with birds and squirrels on your arms 🙂
      I hope one day soon you manage to dance again, even if it’s in a totally new way to before. Wishing you peace and strength ~~

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  6. What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?
    I cooked a meal for my entire family. As someone who rarely cooks herself, a meal for 10 left me proud. I took my pup on a long bike ride in a cool breeze with good beats. I wrote a post I actually really liked.

    What are the 3 worst things to happen to you this week?
    My new contacts feel mediocre. I slept in late, twice! The summer sun is showing his face too soon. (So, a pretty okay week 😉 )

    What secret skills do you have?
    Hmm… I’m really good at saying no. Not all would call that a skill but it keeps me sane. Plus, it’s useful so what else is there?

    What would your superpower be?
    Cliche, but reading minds would be nifty. I don’t think people speak their truth nearly enough. Sometimes out of kindness, something out of fear – either way, I’d love to know what people really think about the world they live in, their lives, the people they love, the hurt they know, etc.

    What would you like to change about yourself?
    If I could stop checking my alarm an obscene amount of times before bed, stop feeling the need to check the stove I don’t use before I leave the house, and the like. Time wasters are infuriating. I’m always trying to be a better human. Life is hard enough.

    What would you like to change about your life?
    I’d give back some pain. I might even give back some of the lessons.

    You have a time machine, you can use it three times, when would you go?
    Elizabethan England.
    To when my parents fell in love.
    The future, always the future.

    What subject do you wish you knew more about?
    Love. Art. Technology.

    What do you think of as your job? Do you like your job?
    “What do you think of as your job?” Gosh, I love that.
    I think of my job as being alive, loving the best I can, trying to learn and keep my mind open, trying to be better than I was last year, last month, yesterday. I like it as much a most humans- some good and some bad. It takes all kinds- of days.

    What is in your pockets?

    What is your favourite TV program/ magazine/ book?
    Television? HIMYM, Friends, the basics.
    Magazines? Almost never. But sometimes.
    Book? Great Expectations. Also cliche but also true. My mother read it with me as a young girl. I’ll never forget it.

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    1. Thank you for answering. I love your answer to ‘what is your job?’ that should be what all of us get paid for.
      And saying ‘no’ is definitely useful, I’m not quite a master yet, sometimes I can only use the worried frown to ward off requests. 🙂

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  7. What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?
    – I read some poems at an open mic night that made some people laugh.
    – I got asked to do a 5 minute slot on the main stage of a poetry festival.
    – I was able to offer some diversion to my best mate with a night out after he had received some shitty news.
    3 worst. Nothing really terrible has happened.
    Secret skills. I’m a dab hand at beermat flipping, can build dry stone walls, and can prove the equations of quantum mechanics.
    Superpower. To induce people to be honest with me all the time.
    What would I change? I’d like to be able to express myself physically and verbally as well as I can on a page.
    Change in my life? Eradicate my recurrent depression.
    Time machine. a) 1996. I try not to have regrets but another shot at a few things might be nice with hindsight b) The sixties, as I’m sure they would have been fun. c) Eight Century China.
    Subject? Human biology. I am notoriously clueless about matters medical.
    Job: Being fearlessly honest to best of my ability. I like it.
    Pockets. Right now, nothing.
    TV etc. Don’t really watch TV but love Stuart Lee’s comedy Vehicle when it rolls around. Don’t read magazines especially. Book. Anything by Kim Addonizio.

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    1. Really enjoyed those answers. Sounds like your poetry is going places, congratulations. Your secret skills are ace also, you could make a great story out of them – not sure how, but definitely something. And I’m intrigued, 1996? Thanks for replying 🙂

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  8. What a wonderful idea! It’s fascinating to read about other people, and get a sense of what makes them tick. I think that’s one of the reasons I love this whole blogging culture. So, to be fair, here are my answers:

    What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?
    1. I got to craft with my grandson (who usually wants nothing to do with me), and hold my new grandaughter.
    2. The neighbor came over and mowed our lawn, just to be nice.
    3. I get to do a coloring book demo at work tomorrow (psyched!)…

    What are the 3 worst things to happen to you this week?
    1. It’s been an especially tough pain week.
    2. I can’t seem to get caught up with my blogger friends or emails.
    3. I’m struggling to determine my reason for being this week…

    What secret skills do you have?
    I have prophetic and lucid dreams a lot. And I read Tarot, Auras, Palms, etc. Guess you could call me a closet gypsy.

    What would your superpower be?
    To be able to truly “connect” with people at will (not automatically because that would be invasive and overwhelming).

    What would you like to change about yourself?
    I would like to be more assertive, and better at saying no…

    What would you like to change about your life?
    I’d have more money, so I wouldn’t have to go to work, and could devote more time to the things I love without stressing. (Just being honest… 🙂 )

    You have a time machine, you can use it three times, when would you go?
    1. 1976 to meet my mother; she died that year, and I never knew her.
    2. Ancient Egypt, to see what it was really like, and how the pyramids were actually created…
    3. Back to the time of the mound builders in Ohio, to discover what happened to them and why they disappeared…

    What subject do you wish you knew more about?
    Quantum physics and technology…

    What do you think of as your job? Do you like your job?
    I work in retail, at a craft store, and I love it! But I really love teaching, writing and metaphysics, too, so I’d love to be able to make a living doing those…

    What is in your pockets?
    2 stones: a labradorite eye and a seraphenite (?) stone…

    What is your favourite TV program/ magazine/ book?
    TV: Perception (though it was cancelled a couple years ago) – about a schizophrenic neural biologist professor who helped the FBI solve crimes while educating viewers about the nature and idiosyncracies of perception…
    Magazine: umm… Wireworker – a jewelry making magazine, great for inspiration!
    Book: Adventures in Otherhood: The Gathering – it’s one I wrote 20 years ago, but I learn something new every time I read it… (damn, that sounds arrogant – lol!)

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    1. Sounds like an awesome week with the grandkids, 🙂 I’m sorry about the pain though. I’ve never heard of ‘Perception’, sounds interesting, I’ll have to go check that out.
      I’ve really enjoyed reading your answers, you sound fascinating! 🙂

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  9. What are the 3 worst things to happen to you this week?
    – I swapped the first too questions because by far the biggest thing that happened to me this week is my car wouldn’t start and I’ve been stranded 2-3 hours away from where I work.
    – Crying a lot.
    – Stress dreams.

    What are the 3 best things that happened to you this week?
    – The mechanic told me my car spontaneously fixed itself, so instead of paying for repairs I just have to pay for a routine oil change.
    – I came up with a really cool new piece of plot for my novel that helps fill some of the holes in it that I’ve been staring at lately.
    – I got a gift card for my birthday that I’m cashing in for a one hour massage later today. Looking forward to it like crazy.

    What secret skills do you have?
    – Stealthily good comic timing. It’s intermittent, but sometimes I just nail it out of nowhere and it’s awesome.

    What would your superpower be?
    – I would want the power of empathy, to get everyone to see eye to eye for a change.

    What would you like to change about yourself?
    – Less anxiety. I’m pretty sure that would also solve my jaw problems, neck problems, back problems, and at least half of my headaches.

    What would you like to change about your life?
    – I wish I had more money because it’s a huge source of stress. And/or a house with no mortgage so I don’t have to worry about the high rent in this area. I don’t need so much that I wouldn’t have to work, I like working. But maybe if there weren’t so much pressure…

    You have a time machine, you can use it three times, when would you go?
    (I’m assuming that each of the three times would include a return trip. 😛 )
    – 1996… Back to when I was in 3rd grade, to talk myself through some things about myself and avoid some burned bridges that I think must have really messed me up for a while, if not still.
    – 2001-2005, when the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fanfic community on Livejournal was in full swing. I missed out on it by at least three years, and by the time I joined in it was pretty much a ghost town.
    – 1590, to see what happened to the lost colony on Roanoke Island.

    What subject do you wish you knew more about?
    – Anthropology! Any time I talk to someone who’s studied it I come up with tons of new ideas to keep in mind for my novel.

    What do you think of as your job? Do you like your job?
    – My job is social media marketing and online content management for a small local parenting magazine. I really like it, and I think I’m doing good things for growing both audience and revenue. It’s very satisfying. And the editor said she wants me to write a feature article sometime!

    What is in your pockets?
    – I don’t have pockets. Whoever decided that women don’t need pockets 100% of the time was a jerk… and I include pajamas in this statement.

    What is your favourite TV program/ magazine/ book?
    – TV: Favorite drama/horror is The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead (that totally counts as one because the latter is a spinoff), favorite comedy is Last Man On Earth (or That 70’s Show or Modern Family), and favorite sci-fi is The Expanse.
    – Magazine: The one I work for! Heh, even though I’m not even a parent. I don’t read many magazines.
    – Book: Omg, you’re making me choose? I guess that would be Sunshine by Robin McKinley.

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    1. Thanks for enjoyable answers. Lolling at the idea of not getting return trips from the time machine! Your novel sounds interesting, I haven’t seen many novels on anthropological themes. I wholeheartedly support anyone’s love of Hitchhiker’s Guide 🙂

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  10. I really like our answers! I notice you like Red Dwarf, I used to love that show. Especially the Cat. He cracked me up. And your writing backwards thingy! I can write backwards with my left hand and forwards with my right hand at the same time! That’s my one super power. No bloody way could i write upside down and backwards though! Not that i’ve tried it, but it sounds unachievable. SHOULD get a cat! They’re fascinating little beings 🙂 I hope you’re able to have a kitter running around sometime soon 🙂

    well, i’m a kinda boring person :/ Funny how i’m still keen to yack on about myself though! We all seem to enjoy that! I just did a post asking people a few Q’s about books they like and stuff. Not sure i’ll get many ( or any) answers though, as i’ve only got 14 followers thus far, and i think half of them are sympathy follows due to my blog being crap. Anyway. On wivvit!

    Best things that happened:
    1: I had a fun game of midnight scrunched-up paper soccer with my cat ❤
    2: I acquired 7 new books! Yay!
    3. Read a few of the above mentioned books, thanks to insomnia 🙂

    Worst things: not worth mentioning, as i feel that i whinge enough.

    Secret skills: the backwards writey thing, plus ability to teach myself musical things. Pretty spooky intuition.
    Superpower: i'd like to be able to become invisible at will. Kinda selfish of me, but i'd get out more if i knew i didn't have to engage in any unnecessary social interaction! Something more community minded would be the ability to magically turn garbage into any kind of food, and smog into some sort of harmless glittery substance that smells nice or helps you learn new languages or something.

    What i would change about myself: less anxiety/paranoia. Better self esteem. I'd like to be able to doubt myself less, and stop these random bouts of feeling inferior/ stupid/ talentless/ ugly.

    What i'd change about life: see above. The rest would then take care of itself.

    If i had a time machine i'd: try very hard to meet Carl Jung, or at least listen in on one of his fascinating conversations ( at any time he was alive. Except when he was a baby, i suppose.. not sure i'd learn much from bubby Carl). Likewise with Soren Kierkegaard , i think. ( have just started learning about how bloody cool he was), so the 1800's, i guess. Then, for some fun, i'd go to the late 60's/early 70's and see a Led Zep or pink Floyd concert 😀 ( First i'd do a quick stop by the time i used to go to the gym daily, and use my then hotter, younger looks to try capture the attention of either 70's Robert Plant, 70's David Gilmour, or 60's Syd Barrett . Partay! ) Damn, if somewhere along the way there i could go see Mitch Hedberg live that might be nice, too. I've been greedy with the time machine, i fear. Sowwy! 😀

    Subject i wish i knew more about: EVERYTHING!

    What i consider my job: parenting and teaching/ encouraging imagination, and awareness of the importance of imagination. I love certain aspects, whilst others frustrate me.

    Fave programs: Black Books, Flight Of The Conchords, That Mitchell and Webb look, IT crowd… ( or basically anything with Jemaine Clement, Richard Ayoade, Robert Webb, or David Mitchell in it .<. So good.

    Fave books: TOO MANY. But main ones: Jung's 'Memories, Dreams, Reflections' ( brilliant, amazing, inspiring, love love love! ) , Alice's Adventures In Wonderland ( perpetually enchanting) , 'Orlando' by Virginia Woolf ( like a magical sparkly poem. have read it a bazillion times, yet curiously i've found most of her other work… boring… especially 'The Waves'..ugh. Sorry Woolfy and fans :/) Other than that, some Salinger and F.Scott Fitzgerald and some predictable Hardy and some Robert Anton Wilson, because he's funny and intelligent, (even though i don't agree with some of his views relating to feminism/ gender shiz. ) and too many others. Anything regarding psychology. Some kid's books, like Tove Jansson's Moomins ( full of subtle wisdom 🙂 ), and Roald Dahl, and Dr Seuss for his rhymalicious wordbending brilliance … just too many.

    Jeez, i really don't expect you to read this shit O.o. Can't say it wasn't therapeutic to get it all out though, hehe 😉 Write some more about you sometime! Sorry i haven't got around to all yr posts yet. Some require more thought n time, so i'll get to them later. WILL get to them, though!

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    1. A delightful answer as always Siddie! Your TV tastes are excellent (by which I mean they are the same as mine 😉 ) Your special skills surpasses mine, by a mile. I am awed and fired up with curiosity. Do you have to write the same thing with each hand? Can you make up two different things to write? I mean, blimey!
      I shall come and visit your site after I’ve had my dinner… Thank you for responding 😀

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      1. Ah, I must commend you on YOUR excellent tastes in TV viewing choices! 😉
        No way; I can’t comprehend how anyone could write backwards AND upside down. I mean. I could try…but i’m pretty sure it’d take me all day just to write one word in that fashion. Oh, yes, I definitely have to be writing the same thing with each hand! I’ve tried to write different words simultaneously, but found it impossible. If anybody can do that, I’d be bloody impressed!
        No worries; thanks for giving us the opportunity to say stuff! 🙂


  11. I think I agree with you on practically everything from what you’d do with a time machine to the super powers to what you would change about yourself, and I’m a little bit freaked out😂

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    1. So I try to click on your blog and it says you don’t exist 😮 so either – I’ve freaked you out so much you’ve leapt right out of the Internet, OR you’ve accidentally broken through from another dimension and you actually are me.


      1. That would be kind of awesome 😦 but no, I exist, so now there must be a problem with the blog again – sigh…

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