5 thoughts on “Microfiction: Overhearing

  1. Beautiful… course it works both men and women and women and men… and cats and people and people and cats… all in all, a lot o’ voicing and not much listening… but then, who is listening to me? Certainly not my cat Mongoose, that’s for sure… all she wants is ‘er supper…

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  2. Laughing …. we can hear the funniest things when we are out and about … like the conversation you overheard. I mean, what, did he not realize that someone was listening to him? And didn’t know what to say back…. and things like this, they make me wonder ….. was this deliberate on his part? You know, sometimes you get the urge to say odd things to see how people react?

    Fun bit of food here – great snippet to file away for use at some point. 😉

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