Flash Fiction: How Much More?

But really, how many designer shoes do we need?

How many more different sizes of technology to connect us to the world?

We’ve already filled up the sky with bricks and lines, splitting the horizon into tiny segments, isn’t it enough yet?

How many new ways to wash your hair? Or clean your teeth?

New ways to excercise, new management restructuring,

Can’t we just leave it all for a little while?

Curl up in the crook of a tree,

And sleep?

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: How Much More?

  1. The last bit about curling up at a tree and sleeping evoked images from the beginning of the ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ movie….and made me long for a simpler time. Which I think was your point, so well done friend.

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    1. I think a lot of people probably feel like that, we all need to find a bit of slow if we can. I hope you find some peace today, get to breathe deeply and listen to the birds 🙂


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