The Continuing Wisdom of Bert


Bert could barely suppress a smile as he groaned his way into his armchair. A good groan was like a fine wine, something to be savoured; plus it served as a segue into a new conversation. While his wife tried to watch Doctor Who, he explained the thought that had occurred to him on the toilet,

“I’ll tell you what’s odd; dogs never used to smile when I was young, but you see them now and they’ve all got big grins! All over the Internet.  Tom posted a picture of one on Facebook, a big doggy grin it had. That’s genetic engineering that is. That’s modification. Centuries of inbreeding. Isn’t it? Isn’t it, Becky?”

“Uh huh.”

“But what I’ve been thinking is, when are they going to work on cats? I mean dogs were always happy creatures and we had the wagging tail and licking, so there’s no real mystery about how they’re feeling, but what about cats? No one ever knows how a cat is feeling. They could do with smiles. When they going to modify cats to smile? Becky? Becky?”

Becky didn’t answer, and Bert sat back, contented. They could carry this on later, over dinner.


Picture pinched from here

14 thoughts on “The Continuing Wisdom of Bert

  1. Have you ever really met a feline (of the 4 legged species) who truly appreciates being photographed and is all smiley? LOL … perhaps when young and kittenish …. but as they reach a certain age, well, the prize lies in the truth of the eyes that can stop the blood in your veins! The mystery of the ever elusive feline “smile.” 😉

    Great story – really fun and carefully observed! 🙂

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      1. LOL … indeed they can – but they are lovely and fascinating none the less; I think maybe one day, I might like to reincarnate as a cat! 😲

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      2. LOL … ah to just sleep at will! oohhh and I love the ease of the stretch and flex of the feline spine and body … and what could be better than lounging in the garden, tucked under the dappled shade of shrubs and perennials, hot sun but cool earth, snoozing with one eye open? … ah to dream …. 😂

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