Banishing Gloom – a Monday Good Thing


A lot of bad things have been happening in the world recently, and now it’s cold, everyone is miserable and I keep forgetting to notice all the good things that are around me.

So I’m going to make a point of, every Monday, posting something good from the week. Either a photo, an observation, a piece of news or a delightful fact.

So what about you, what has brightened up your Monday? What good things are in your life right now?

If anyone feels like joining in, that would be fantastic, I’m happy to link or feature.

This Monday’s good thing, some photos of the frost where I work…



20 thoughts on “Banishing Gloom – a Monday Good Thing

  1. Good things for me? Involved in lots of live music, not just Christmas-related choral concerts but also exam accompanying, both a major choral concert and an orchestral concert, and some opportunities to do some chamber ensemble playing. And your lovely landscape photos certainly help to lighten the mood!

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  2. Great Photos. The cold can be stunningly beautiful. It was sunny in Melbourne on Monday so you could not feel anything but bright. But there is something wonderful about having the festive season in the winter. Hot plum pudding tastes so much better. Kat


    1. There are definite advantages, it’s true. I think I’d miss the cold if it vanished completely. I’m still a bit jealous of your sunny Melbourne day though! 🙂


  3. Yesterday (Monday) I went for a frosty walk, did some running to music, and took a few frosty landscape pictures of my own, saw some ducks waddling on an ice covered pond. Lovely post, inkbiotic, a good idea. Things do feel pretty flat just now – not so much in me, but ‘out there’ ;>)

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    1. Ooh beautiful views and running too, good stuff!
      This is a tough time for everyone, but I need to remember there are still many good things in life and it’s been very enjoyable reading other people’s bright moments. 🙂

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  4. Stunning images …. amazing how frost and cold transforms a landscape, and since the climate is considerable different there (here everything is leafless and bare), it’s wonderful to see the etchings and traces on the plants etc. Paints the world in a new face 🙂

    As for me, my Monday – I’ll refrain from commenting. 😡

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      1. thankfully Tuesday is better and we can only hope that it all just keeps going in the right direction ….. and I do wish you a wonderful evening and excellent rest of the week! 😀

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  5. I feel this is unfair. Nigeria experiences harmattan in this festive season. It used to be cold and foggy. There’s none of that this year only sunshine.

    Where did our harmattan go? Why are you all enjoying your cold season. What has global warming done to us?

    Nice photos!

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