The Supernice

Joelly was supernice. Everybody said so, Joelly made certain of it. With her blonde curls, big eyes and squeaky voice, who could ever call her anything but nice? She sat in the college canteen, twirling her hair around her finger and sharing her understanding of the world as seen through the eyes of nice.

“You know what? There should be a place for nice people. A village. Keep all the nasties out,” she declared to her classmates. Her shyness always vanished when she didn’t need it. “And we’ll keep that Andrew out, he doesn’t deserve to be with nice people.”

“Andrew’s ok, isn’t he?” Tim spoke up as all the faces swivelled his way with accusing eyes: was he questioning Joelly? and Joelly spat back,

“He’s a horrid little boy. You know he asked me out? Me! As if I’d want to look at his spotty face for a moment longer than I have to.”

“That doesn’t make him horrid. Misguided maybe,” tried Tim, a little desperately . “I mean, people ask each other out, right? That’s what people do.”

Joelly pulled back a little as if he had struck her, then she tipped her head to one side, opened her eyes wide and adopted an expression like a kitten abandoned in the rain. Tears started to well up. Nobody ever disagreed with her, and the shock felt almost violent. Quickly the others started to cluck and soothe her as she choked out the words through her tears,

“And you’re a horrid little boy too!” she gasped, and ran from the room, leaving Tim to the judgement of his peers. He glanced around in panic, suddenly knowing what kind of Hell Joelly’s village of niceness would be.

“You made her cry!” they hissed, and Tim knew he didn’t stand a chance.

9 thoughts on “The Supernice

  1. Your characters always remind me of people i’ve met! Joelly reminds me a bit of this annoying flatmate i had when i was younger. She only watched disney cartoons, and had this awful fake cry she’d do when she wanted attention.

    Anyway, it sounds like something sinister is about to happen to poor old Tim! Maybe Joelly will chop off his head with a well aimed DVD of The Little Mermaid? Run, Tim!

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    1. Or Joelly’s followers shall circle him chanting, ready to make the sacrifice…I think he knows, I think he knows how to make good his escape. I hope, anyway.

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    1. That’s a profound response! I guess people can do awful things when they tell themselves they are on the side of Right. As soon as we think we are creating a utopia, we stop checking that it’s truly a good place to be. But yes, it’s still nice to dream. Thank you for a very interesting comment.

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