I Want to Introduce You to Victor


Victor has been in my life now for over twenty years. Most of the time he has that look of quiet, patient dignity, occasionally it changes to a look of suppressed rage or weary indignation. Here he is looking natty and cool in a baseball cap. For twenty years I have kept him hidden away, a secret all mine. Now I think I need to share him with the world, I’m not sure what the world will do with him, but let’s find out.

This is Victor the Head. He will be back soon.

12 thoughts on “I Want to Introduce You to Victor

  1. Hi there Victor nice to meet you. I think maybe we project what we are currently feeling into your expression. For me, you;re saying, right, Lynne, come on, a new year, let’s see what you’re going to do with it!


  2. Nice.. Hey I see that yours is a selfhosted blog, and you are getting a comment option on the WordPress reader.. I am not getting that option for my selfhosted blog.. Can you please help?


    1. Hello Abhijit, to allow comments go to ‘My site’, ‘sharing’, and then ‘more options’. Tick the box that says ‘allow comments’. Does that help?
      There’s also a link called ‘Need help setting up your site?’ under ‘my site’, so they may be more helpful.
      Good luck πŸ™‚

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      1. Sorry for the late reply… Where is “my site”? On the wp app? Or on the web page?
        Actually comments are enabled on the web page… I am talking about the comments on the WordPress reader…
        Pleas Help me if you have any idea on this, because the only comment source for me is WordPress reader… So since I started this self hosted site, NO comments😭😭
        I also have a WordPress hosted site which is also on the same email id informaticcoolstuff.wordpress.com will that be a reason for not getting comments on wp reader for self hosted site?


      2. Hi Abhijit, ‘my site’ is in the top left of the bar on your blog, when editing. Are you doing the blog on your phone? I’ve never really done that, so it may be different.
        I’d like to help you, but I’m no expert and stuff to do with ids is beyond my knowledge.
        You need to follow the link asking for help and then wordpress can walk you through each problem – they’re very helpful and way more knowledgeable than me.
        Good luck!

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