Update! Update!

I wrote this!

So I just got an email telling me that my book is now on Amazon, which is all kinds of ridiculous and exciting.

Here’s the page Amazon link

And here’s an extract, in case you’re in the mood to be persuaded (or dissuaded, whatever takes your fancy).

I try to exist only as an unreal being striding with large steps across the ocean. In the small, grey, scurrying world I live a little less each day, shrink my shadow so the pedestrians can’t step on it, breathe a little less of the stagnant air. I have a method, it has taken many years to perfect.

“Don’t become another dull fart,” my grandmother used to hiss, “the world has too many dull farts, just look at your parents! They’re like talking wallpaper. You have to be different, you have to stay shiny, not get weighed down and dusty, they’ll never find you if you’re weighed down and dusty.”

“Who?” I would squeak.

“And don’t behave. Don’t get too attached, don’t become part of the parade,” she said through blue smoke curling around brown smoke, her eyes darting to the door to check Bloater wasn’t listening in, “the routines, the rules, it’s all dust. You have to keep shaking it off or you’ll end up looking just like the rest of them. You have to stay shiny.”


39 thoughts on “Update! Update!

      1. Oh i will- i want to read it! I do have a self imposed restriction upon myself regarding online shopping; my online banking access does NOT apply to my main account. So i have to physically go to the bank ( which is a while away from this place i’ve moved to, unfortunately ) and transfer money into the ‘specifically for online transactions’ account. So…it may take a short while…but it definitely WILL happen!

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    1. Thank you Booky (is it ok if I call you Booky? it’s such a fine name), I’m really pleased you like it. It’s a bit scary putting a book out to be seen and positive responses like this make me very happy! 😀

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  1. Reblogged this on bookyglover and commented:
    *Takes in a deep breathe and exhale* Inkbiotic stories have been so real and heart gripping. Now that she has this one out, I feel you should check this out. It’s worth it, a million times over.

    Congrats Petra Jacob!

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      1. Thank you, that’s brilliant! Right, after much faffing trying to write a synopsis, I’ve finished it. They haven’t put it up yet, but I’ll make a post when they do. Are you on there as The Shameful Narcissist? I’ve not really figured the place out yet, so it’s nice knowing you’re around on there too. 🙂

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  2. I joined WordPress in October last year, and this is the first physical publication I have seen for sale. Just ordered it, can’t wait. Feels good to be able to support fellow writers in this way. Now to finish my giant pile of reading, so that I can read ‘Riddled With Senses’ when it arrives. Well done again.

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    1. Ooh, you’re great! Thank you very much! I really hope you like it, (if you do, I would really appreciate a few words of review) Have a lovely day 🙂

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