Look At This! It’s A Thing!

I am the shill, hear me roar!

An orangutan unimpressed with my roar

So here again is a small excerpt from my book which got published, and you can even buy it right here. It’s all about magic, love, drugs and the pursuit of something, anything, beyond the humdrum. It’s about how imagination is a powerful force for both creation and destruction.

Vurt is raging now, preaching about the evils of cocaine, of billy, the evils of all drugs.

“It’s all just sloppy! Sloppy and messy. Look at yourselves choking and gacking and sweating.   Don’t you get it? There’s nothing cool about this. This is too easy, too obvious. Anybody can take cocaine!” His podgy face is patched with red and he is lurching about the kitchen in a frenzy of belief. I shimmy over to the breakfast counter, lick my finger and dip it into the powder sack. Cant makes his way over and is looking at me all cute-eyed and squirmy. I hold out my white-coated finger to him.

“Suck on it rich boy.”

He narrows his eyes, takes my hand in his and my finger into his mouth. His tongue is rough like a cat’s. He starts gagging, flailing around for something to take away the taste. I jive away across the kitchen. Vurt is still preaching, so I put my hands on his shoulders and dance in time to his words.

edging 2

Or if spending money seems a bit drastic, then there’s the easier way of getting more of my writing and hearing about my new project as it happens, by signing up here.  This is perfectly safe, and I won’t spam you with lots of emails, I’ll only write when I’m doing something interesting.


10 thoughts on “Look At This! It’s A Thing!

  1. Anyone can take cocaine…but how many people still do? LOL! Love your writing by my wife stole all my credit cards…I’d buy your book if I could. You know…Akira took everything….whoops! Haven’t published that part yet! And yes, you should be proud, as wordwitch says! Keep shilling! It motives the rest of us “wannabes…” LOL!


  2. We’re all wannabes here 😉 I’m sorry you got cleaned out, sounds unpleasant, hopefully you’ll be able to steal some of it back one day 🙂

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  3. Sorry i still haven’t bought it; i certainly haven’t forgotten. Just can’t do the online purchase thing at present…hopefully soon, though. It’s on my “books to buy myself for my birthday” list ( I’ve got a few months to go, so the list will undoubtedly grow in the meantime 😉 That’s ok, though. I don’t think i’ve ever regretted forking out for some good bookage!)

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      1. Hopefully it won’t be long until i can. The book seems fascinating; every excerpt you’ve posted thus far has been genuinely engaging. Looking forward to getting to read the whole thing!

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  4. Oh, btw, you and 3 other bloggers are the reason why I cannot stop blogging now! if I do, I’ll turn this computer on a year from now and all 3 of you will already have been published by Simon and Schuster! So keep writing and entertaining! Thanks! (Truth is, getting cleaned out and discovering who Akira really “is” was the best thing that happened to me…that’s how the Universe works sometimes…LOL!)

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    1. Aw, thank you for the support, that means a lot – and it’s good to know I’m helping to keep you around and writing. And yes, the universe likes to plays its games 😉

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