Tiny Fiction: The Library Rebel

He slammed down the book and relished the ripples of shock and irritation as they echoed around the library.

“Sorry, so sorry,” he said, meekly, his head held low and so that his floppy fringe hid his small grin. The room was fusty, with dust collecting on every surface, weighing people down. They’d be slow to react, he’d get to enjoy every frown and tut as it unfolded around him. He lifted the book high a second time.

Once again, he was the master of chaos.

11 thoughts on “Tiny Fiction: The Library Rebel

  1. Speaking as a former teacher, this kind of rebel is very familiar: a nightmare in company or a classroom but very often very interesting and enlightening when distractions are absent and they are calm enough to talk.

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      1. Ah, I wish! I had more failures than successes there, mainly because such individuals revel in the presence of an audience, and classroom teaching is mostly about, well, teaching classes. 😀

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      2. I’m sure you did great! It’s not possible to give enough attention to some people, because what they want is just too much.

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  2. Great portrait of the typical stirrer who loves to disturb. I can picture all that dust rising into the air with his actions. It’s enough to make you want to sneeze.

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  3. ahahhahhhahahha!!!!!!! that title! hehhehehehe. slamming a book is a criminal as I’d ever get as well. This made me giggle. nice post! damn, would you believe I never heard the word “fusty” before? what is wrong with me? anyway. yay for new vocab.

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