Picking up skills and massacring animals


Look at those eyes! They have seen horror.

Monday is a shock it takes me all week to recover from.

Weather: a bit iffy

Mood: hermit crab in a bucket

Word of the day: Decarnate  denied or deprived of physical bodily form

Really enjoying my new connection to Mateo. Today he taught me how to make a simple bomb using a bolt, two nuts and some match heads. ‘For if you ever need to fight off the police,’ he explained.

For his birthday, Dan brought in a selection of cakes. One of the cakes was a large cute hedgehog (in pic). So cute that nobody could bring themselves to cut it.

‘I can’t do it!’ cried Mike. ‘Just look at his face!’ Over break everyone was milling in and out of the room, looking at the delicious cake sadly, unable to take a knife to it. Finally, somebody greedy enough (it may have been me) cut off the arse end. Slowly, everybody took a slice, reducing the cake bit by bit, leaving the face. Nobody could cut the face, so it now sits in the fridge. I’m told this is the only time a cake hasn’t been completely eaten in one sitting.

11 thoughts on “Picking up skills and massacring animals

      1. Ooh a collaboration, I love the idea of those, although I suspect I’d be too difficult to work with. Good luck with it.
        For me, I’m taking a pause. Letting thoughts settle for a bit. 🙂

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  1. I watched a recently Celebrity Bake-off where Paul Hollywood took great delight in cutting off legs, faces and other appendages from the contestants’ baked self-portraits. Now there’s a man with issues… 😁

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