Can you help with this mystery?

Sorry about the crappy photo, it isn’t easy to take a photo of a tube ceiling in rush hour.

Life used to be filled with unanswerable questions, but then Google came along and answered them all. Except THIS one.

Weather: blue skies filled with puzzlement

Mood: quizzical

Word of the day: sideral – sent from the stars; ominous or evil

Question of the day: why is there a black star on the ceiling of many carriages on the tube (London Underground)? They’ve been there a few decades at least. Not on every train, and it may be only the last carriage (which is where I tend to sit) but always on the ceiling, a black star sticking about an inch across. I tried Google, but no luck.

I asked at work and NOBODY has ever noticed it but me, they looked at me like I was delusional, until I showed them a photo.

So has anyone else noticed this too? Do any of you know why they are there?

25 thoughts on “Can you help with this mystery?

  1. They were consolatary stars, Petra, because no one knew if a Black Hole was ever going to be photographed.

    Well, it has now been achieved, according to yesterday’s news; and my guess that all your black stars (whether photographed or merely observed) will start to implode, and that they’ll either (a) suck in all tube passengers at their event horizon or (b) be quietly painted out by Underground managers before we can sign the petition to Parliament for their preservation.

    I may have this wrong, of course.

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      1. I should like to dispel the rumour thatI have diplomas from a slew of online colleges in which I have gained distinction in misspelling, including the word ‘misspelling’…😁

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      2. No need to hide your talents under a bush(el?) Show off these esteemed qualifications! I’m still working on my MA in inept grammar from a local college in the basement of the library 🙂

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    1. Oh my God, I so hope you’re right (with b)! I shall check today and report back! 😀 Or I shall be sucked in an never heard of again 😦

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    1. Now that’s interesting (and clever hunting from you), I wonder if the shoe lift is connected to the stars. My shoes are always super-positive, fortunately 🙂

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      1. Now I just have an image in my head of really happy shoes. And then some really sad looking shoes come along and say, “Everything is shit,” and then they just get ‘lifted’ because they were negative under the star.

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      2. Now I’m not sure if that’s a happy shoe society or a disturbing oppressive shoe dystopia where all sadness is not allowed.

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  2. The black stars represents the souls of those who died building the tube itself. They did something similar for those who built the pyramids, but those markings have long withered away.

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    1. Do you think there might be similar markings on all large constructions then? I shall have to climb up the scaffolding of Big Ben and have a look.

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