Disaster! Thievery! It’s ok really.

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“A tragedy is a tragedy, and at the bottom, all tragedies are stupid.”  Stephen King

Weather: mottled skies

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Word of the day: La-li-loong – a thief. Originates mid 19th-20th century.

Tragedy is befalling me like I broke a mirror or hung a horseshoe upside down, but I don’t remember doing either of those things recently.

A few days ago I noticed my laptop was damaged, the casing of the screen was cracked so that it could no longer shut. It looked like I’d stepped on it, but surely I’d remember such a thing? I stuck a note along the top saying ‘DON’T SHUT’ (because I have a tendency to forget everything) and then tried to be really careful with it. It’ll hold out for a while longer, I told myself.

Then yesterday I needed to go to the kitchen to get some popcorn for dinner, put the laptop carefully on the rug, came back in my room and kicked it across the floor. Bollocks! The crack became a split and I could see the exposed wires and gleaming metal inside. Well I ate my popcorn (first things first) and then taped it up as best as I could, using an elastic band to hold it together. So that’s probably fine now. No problem.

Then yesterday evening I went out to the pub with my work mates and was having a really nice evening, lots of drunken rambling and laughter. I left my bag under a table for a while and then thought I better retrieve it, but it had gone! We looked everywhere.  Dan was annoying strangers at the pub by picking their bag up and shouting ‘Is it this one?’ to me. My boss was ranting about the evils of modern society.

I was feeling quite smug though. Earlier on when getting changed out of muddy work clothes I thought Shall I leave my keys and phone in my bag? No I’ll keep them in my pocket, just in case. So I did. And the thief is going to be super pissed off when they discover all they’ve got is an old ice cream tub with cucumber and cherry tomatoes in it, and some biros. So that’s also pretty fine too.




12 thoughts on “Disaster! Thievery! It’s ok really.

  1. Traffic reports in our region are now reporting collisions rather than accidents. The results of driving with bad habits are not accidental. The dutch word for accident is ‘ongeluk’ which literally means ‘unluck’.

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  2. What is upside down? I have relatives who always hang horseshoes upside down ‘Otherwise,’ they say. ‘All the bad luck wells up inside.’ Whatever, I hope your laptop hangs in for now and whoever stole your bag is on the receiving end of instant karma

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    1. Very interesting! Are your relatives lucky or unlucky? I thought hanging a horseshoe like a U was to keep the GOOD luck in, so I guess the question is: does a horseshoe innately contain good or bad luck? Who even thinks these things up anyway?

      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂 The laptop still hasn’t snapped completely and I reckon the bag thief had the instant karma when they opened my bag to find nothing of value. So all is good! Maybe I hung the horseshoe the right way up after all, if only I could remember what that was…


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