Snubbing of chilli con tofu

Image from Police sketch here

What terrors lurk in nightmares? And what if they escape?

Weather: happy

Mood: sunshine

Word of the day: maw wallop – a badly cooked mess of food

This evening I decided to brave cooking. Neville had left a large plate of cooked bacon on the counter, he hadn’t even covered it. Hasn’t he heard of botulism? I started making a big pot of chilli con tofu. Jinjing came in and sniffed around, so of course I offered her some, she’s given me plenty of food over the last few weeks. I don’t think my chilli was up to her standards though.

‘What are the orange bits?’ she asked.

‘Baked beans,’ I said.

‘What are the yellow bits?’

‘Peanuts,’ I said.

‘Oh,’ she said and sat down. My chilli had been snubbed.

‘You have any more weird dreams?’ I asked.

‘Yes! The same one as before. Just this man staring in my window. He was wearing a hoody and his face was really pale, his eyes were dark. I woke up terrified and I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages. It’s definitely an omen.’

My laptop is still hanging together, for those who are concerned, although I have to keep securing the electrical tape.

12 thoughts on “Snubbing of chilli con tofu

  1. Peanuts and beans! Nice one!
    I used to wake up screaming from dreams about someone in the room/spiders on my face/window falling in etc. I saw a neurologist who specialises in sleep disorders. He called it a ‘slow wave parasomnia’ and put me on even more medication. No mention of omens..
    Dreams are your brain processing all the information you’ve taken in during the day xx


    1. Slow wave parasomnia, great name for a scary sounding condition. I hope you’re ok now. I wonder how we’ll cope as a species if all woo-woo becomes explainable science? Do we need the woo-woo? 😀

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  2. What you cooked sounds interesting. I might give it a try. Ever thought of cookery book. LOL! I was pretty worried about your laptop since I will miss your daily dairy immensly. So may God bless your laptop!

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