I think I know where the ketchup went…


You know when you’re away from a situation and suddenly a detail comes back to you? It’s like your head has emptied out of all the daily mess and that one detail is sitting there alone and obvious. Well, now I’m away from home, I’ve realised something.

(To anyone who’s not been following this drama, my flatmate Jinjing thinks our flatmate Neville has been sneaking into our rooms for unfathomable reasons – not stealing anything of value, but with definite signs left).

One of the clues that someone had been in my room was that my ketchup went missing. But today I remembered there was some ketchup in the fridge when i left. I assumed it belonged to someone else, but thinking about it IΒ  don’t remember anyone else ever using ketchup. It was a squeezy bottle, half full like mine was. I think maybe it was MY bottle.

Which means someone took the ketchup bottle from my room and put it in the fridge. Which CAN’T be Neville, because he never puts anything in the fridge, not even bacon. Does that even make sense? Or is the clarity in my head just a new type of nonsense?

And if I’m right who moved my ketchup? And why?

28 thoughts on “I think I know where the ketchup went…

  1. I keep my ketchup in the fridge — I can’t help it because the instructions tell me to (I know it’s shelf-stable based on its acidity but Heinz in the U.S. tells me to and I’m a slave to instructions).

    Anyway, this is an interesting development! No signs that you have a split personality that could be responsible, I’m assuming, so who could it be? Could a Neville-hater be playing some shadow game?

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    1. You’ve raised some serious possibilities there, a split personality, but MY Tyler durden doesn’t start Fight Club, he just puts ketchup in the fridge? Got to admit, I’d be peeved!


  2. Perhaps you were dreaming, and put the ketchup in the fridge while sleepwalking. That might also account for the broken laptop. And you might have dragged the candy wrapper back in on your bare feet, which is why you don’t remember any of it…

    Just sayin’ it could have happened that way… 😏

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    1. Hmm, intriguing… It’s not impossible, because I do sleepwalk sometimes. Two questions though: how would I find out? And where did I get a Quality Street wrapper from?

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      1. That could definitely be a solution, although they’re a bit out of my price range at the moment. Maybe after next payday, if this isn’t sorted out by then.


  3. He he. Can we REALLY keep ketchup safely out of the fridge? That is a revolutionary thought in my mind. Yes, warm ketchup with warm fries…oh my…yes…

    p.s. What if your flatmate is an OCD secret super hero? Believing they are saving your life on the sly?

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  4. Dum-di-dum-dum … DAH! The mystery thickens/curdles/runs less smoothly…

    Myself I prefer tomato chutney—still that mix of sugar and spice and all things nice but you can spoon it out without a squeezy hole getting clogged up. And I can confirm with other commenters it, along with ketchup, is best straight from the fridge…

    Hope this helps. ☺

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      1. Oh I have a friend like you, always on about the Daddies. He buys it in bulk in case the shops stop stocking it. I can’t even *mention* HP sauce! πŸ˜‰


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