So I got back and I found…



Picture from my trip away

Today I returned to London from my three day escape, feeling much calmer, if totally knackered. I was nervous about what I’d find at the flat. Would Jinjing and Neville still be fighting? Would the walls be splattered with blood?

Actually, they were all at work, as normal. However, what I noticed on opening the door was the smell. Sickly perfume. The kind that station toilets leak into the world. Then I noticed the Quality Street sweet wrapper on the kitchen floor – of course, that’s a communal space, so Neville is free to eat chocolates there. Then I went in the lounge, and did a double take to see these eyes staring at me from the wall:


Where in merry Hell did that come from? It’s like something my nan would buy, surely not Neville, Jinjing or Hamoudi. It this some kind of home decoration housebreaker? I’m too exhausted to work this out now, I’m going to bed.


18 thoughts on “So I got back and I found…

      1. Just looking at possibilities. Anyway, now that I look at that picture again, I really, really hate it. It’s creepy in a placid, schmaltzy kind of way. Almost like you’d find it in the family consultation room of a weird, low-budget funeral home.

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  1. Have you checked there are aren’t two eye-shaped holes behind the cat picture and that the cat’s eyes aren’t transparent? You know, like those portraits in Tudor mansions for spying on people and stuff? Not trying to spook you or nuffink, but, y’know…

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