Discussion tonight…

fella 2

Weather: bitter winds that cut through the scowling clouds.

Mood: clearly melodramatic

Word of the day: mazy – dizzy; confused; labyrinthine; convoluted

So after hiding in my room for the last two days, I thought I should face whatever music is playing, whatever trouble is brewing. I could hear somebody in the kitchen and so I steeled myself.

It was Hamoudi listening to Joan Armatrading and shimmying about the lino while  cooking soup, which is as nonthreatening as it gets. We did the usual hey-how-you-doing? and then moved onto what had happened while I was away. Well, not much. Neville went into hiding, to the extent that Hamoudi was convinced at one point he was dead.

‘Except, then I would have seen him,’ explained Hamoudi, (Hamoudi has talked about seeing dead people before, for anyone who hasn’t been following.) ‘So nothing is sorted,’ he said, and shrugged. Then I told him about the mysterious perfume smell and asked if he knew where the cat picture came from. He knew nothing.

Finally, we agreed we need to properly sit down, the four of us together, and talk it over. When Neville gets back tonight, we’ll do it. Not sure how late it will be, so I’ll probably save writing about it until tomorrow.

Anyway, this feels like a dull blog, so I’ll put up some photos from my trip.




10 thoughts on “Discussion tonight…

  1. Sorry, distracted by your pics, all in area I know (Park Row, Park Street and round the back of Stokes Croft) though the caterpillar with hookah is a new one on me (Stokes Croft too?).

    Anyway, hope your round table meeting yields some answers!


    1. Well spotted! The caterpillar is in a little courtyard, back from the pavement, behind a gate, right at the start of the street.

      The meeting was enlightening! Just getting round to writing it up. 🙂


      1. Look forward to that!

        We used to live on York Road in Montpelier, just up the hill from Picton Street which is near the start of Stokes Croft. Thirty years was a long spell, and the area has seen plenty of changes! 🙂

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