Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble


Word of the day: Kapooey – Badly wrong

Weather: soggy

Mood: also soggy

When I arrived this morning I gave the usual cheery good morning to Mike, he growled, which is not like him at all.

‘S’up?’ I asked.

‘What’s up? What’s up? They’ve ruined my fucking lawn, haven’t they? Ruined it!’

It’s seven thirty in the morning, I’m not ready for this yet.

‘Hmm? Who have?’ I say, keeping it vague.

‘Those fucking guys who laid the path! Look!’ he pointed out the window. ‘Looks like they were doing wheelies last night!’

I couldn’t see much out of the window, so with Mateo I went and had a look. Using our cunning detective skills we worked out that, whatever vehicle it was, the driver had tried to turn around on the gravel, somehow missed and landed on the grass. Then panicked and spun round backwards in a large circle, sunk into the soft muddy grass, revved the engine to get out, churning big holes as they went, before finally driving off leaving gullies. It was pretty spectacular really, and I had to feel sorry for the poor bugger. Especially when my manager started ranting that he’d get the driver fired. And this was after not finishing the path yesterday. Luckily managers at my place go more for bark than bite, so I expect the trouble will fizz out before anyone gets in real trouble.

8 thoughts on “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

  1. This reminds me of when pipes had to be laid for the new heating system for the farm cottages where I live. My back garden and its gravel path had to be dug into and I was so expecting the guys to not give a toss about the plants – lots of primroses and some iceplants. I was stunned when they dug out the plants carefully with root balls and placed them in other areas of the garden safely so I could replant them. Wow, I thought. So I guess this is the inverse of what happened here, well kind of!


    1. They sound great! I’ve known some contractors who try to be careful, but many just see plants as obstacles. Your guys sound like gardeners who also know how to lay pipes, perfect!


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