Pastimes of the urban cat-lady


Collective nouns for cats: Clowder, Clutter, Pounce, Nuisance, Glorying, Glare

Some of you might remember I found a stone cat in the railing at work with a message on the back to contact Facebook and re-hide the cat. Well, I have now added a few new cats to the collection and I need to work out where to put them.

I’m thinking the story is that original cat has been missing for a week because she’s been playing around with other cats, and now she has a family of cats with her (her own babies? a cat cult? a Top Cat gang?) .

I’ve been trying to work out where to put them. Any ideas? It has to be somewhere secluded enough for me to not be noticed putting them out, but not so secluded no one finds them. Another park railing might be good or under a bush. Although neither is very inspired.

Oh and I found this important letter today, sadly no one was around to return it to, but I feel its message will resonate with younger sisters everywhere.



Dear older sister

you are mean

your yonger sister

10 thoughts on “Pastimes of the urban cat-lady

  1. Loving your cat clan. You need to find them somewhere a bit smart as they are obviously a middle-class chowder as they clearly have a nanny for the kittens…
    I wonder whether the letter got delivered and discarded or whether it didn’t make it through to the older sibling. I hope it did. They need to learn!

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    1. I suspect the older sibling threw the note a way in a fit of meanness, but the message might seep through later.
      Glad you like my cats! What even is chowder? My brain is telling me it’s milky food.


    1. Surely only a cat could think that putting fish in milk was a good idea? I have no response to the pebble quip, they are pebbles, no getting round that. 😦


  2. If you go for a walk and see a bench somewhere. You can sit down and put one of your cats on a bench, so than no one around will notice.

    If you go shopping, you can put one on a shelf between oats and cornflakes or between vodka and whiskey.

    I have done so with books with a note like “please, read me and sent me further on my journey”.

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