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To recap: A colleague found a strange letter from Jack who claimed he was being tortured by the Illuminati and was trying to find someone who could help him before his mind was destroyed. I don’t know yet if this is a joke, an art project, mental illness or the genuine description of the twisted shenanigans of a powerful elite. Previous post here

Yesterday I found Jack’s Facebook page and have been trawling through trying to find  clues. There is frustratingly little to work with. No photos or anything on his timeline. No profile photo. Although Jack’s likes include a survival school, the SAS Survival Guide, A Rosicrucian Order and a Facebook page about napping.

And he has Friends listed. On that list, I’ve found three members of the ‘growing abuse network’ including one (DW) who Jack calls the ‘main abuser … of Jack’s father.’

There is nothing remarkable on this terrible abuser’s page. DW is in his thirties, I’d guess, unremarkable. Photos of him hanging with the lads, with his mum, in Waterloo station, supporting Pride. There’s a photo of him with a wolf’s head, is that sinister? Him at a casino. He doesn’t look like a member of the Illuminati to me, the only time he looks posh enough is at a wedding.

However, he has no friends to show, which is odd isn’t it? He has a timeline that goes back to 2012 and I know he has Friends because Jack is one (which is odd in itself, why would Jack want an abuser as a Friend?)

JH, the second member of the ‘growing abuse network’ on Jack’s Friends list has a similarly innocuous page. Only personal posts are when he got married, and a cake (and unspectacular cake, not the kind the Illuminati would have). He likes the New Scientist and a band called Death and the Penguin. He’s an ordinary guy, again in 30s ish (I’m terrible at working out ages from a photo) no Friends to show, no sign of wealth, power or evil.

And finally on this list, FM. He has one photo on his timeline, of a street side cigarette stall (don’t know where) that has the same name as him. He has no Friends, no photos except for his profile photo which show him as a normal looking guy, maybe thirties, drinking from a mug.

THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL NORMAL. The only weirdness is their lack of listed Friends. Is that because of Jack? Did the letters cause them trouble? Or is this their ability to ‘hide’ that Jack talks about?

I need to cogitate, I think I have a theory forming, but I need a night to let it percolate. And if you have any theories, please share…



15 thoughts on “Jack’s Facebook page

  1. I’m intrigued to know your theory.

    PS – bearing in mind I have never been on FB and so know less than zero about it, how difficult is it to set up (make up) a facebook page and would that explain lack of friends?

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    1. As Samantha says below, you can hide bits of your page from public view, so you can keep your Friends private. People tend not to though. It is possible to invent a page, but I didn’t get that impression with Jack, I think it’s more likely that his Friends have learned to keep certain things private because of Jack.
      Incidentally, damn well done on not having Facebook page, very wise move!

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  2. Have you read Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum? The premise as I remember it (I haven’t read for a few decades) is that the narrator concocts a hoax conspiracy theory as a joke history (rather like the Holy Blood, Holy Grail’s secret Priory of Sion of the early 80s) only to find himself and others being sucked into situations where their faked conspiracy seems to be becoming true…

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    1. It’s a book I’ve always wanted to read, and started to read recently, but found it so confusing I gave up. It’s one I’d need to devote a lot of time to I think. My memory is not great these days, and so I’d have to make notes in order to follow it. When I have some time and not much distraction, I’ll try again! I would love this to be like that, that would be the best outcome! (Although i think people died in the book, so maybe not 😉 )

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      1. I take notes on most books these days as a matter of course, not just because it helps me with reviewing but also it seems to help clarify what authors are getting at. Because — as we all know — what writers write isn’t always what they mean!

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  3. Yes, checking social media for “interests” would be the first place detectives and/or police would start these days. No friends? Not so unusual however. I have lots of friends listed but I don’t know any of them in meat-space time. Would that make me some sort of suspect or potential psychopath? Perhaps.

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      1. I’m surprised you haven’t heard that term. Meat-space, as opposed to virtual space, as in here. I may never meet you in meat-space, but I have the illusion that I know you and like you from our interactions in this virtual space.

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  4. Yes, you can hide your friends list from non-friends or even entirely, so that doesn’t prove nor disprove much, but I do like the idea that Jack has created these profiles to ‘support’ his conspiracy, and how would a 30-ish guy be his father’s main abuser especially if this began 8 years ago? Keep digging… This is intriguing

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    1. Yes good point, I wondered that and then forgot I wondered it! I need to look at the timeline of this…


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