Don’t know Jack


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Continuing the investigation into Jack, who left a letter in one of the gardens I work in asking for help because a rebel offshoot of the Illuminati are torturing him. My original interpretation was this might be an art project or a joke. I’m always curious to investigate anything about the Illuminati though. Having found Jack’s Facebook, I spent the last blog looking at his Friends’ list (since there wasn’t much else on there) and these were the things I noticed…

The two people described in the letter as Jack’s father and his brother aren’t on his Friend’s list, although two other with his surname are. So he is in contact with his family, but perhaps estranged from his father and brother – his father is described as a victim of the abuse (although I found the Facebook page of the ‘main abuser’ of the dad and he is a young guy, in his thirties maybe, which is an odd dynamic). His brother is described as a member of the ‘growing abuse network’.

Nobody on his Friends’ list looks odd or even artistic (us arty types, you can spot at a glance) and Jack’s page shows no sign of creativity, which makes me think this is not an art project. And nobody looks rich or important, like the kind of person I imagine who would be in the Illuminati or Freemasons. These are just normal people going on holiday, meeting with friends and having kids. And there is too much tragic detail and effort to create convincing normality for this to be a joke.

I’m thinking this isn’t an interesting mystery at all, more a sad story of mental illness.

letter section

I have one more lead to follow, hopefully that will conclusively answer the question: what’s really happening to Jack?


6 thoughts on “Don’t know Jack

  1. Have you ever come across the album Outside by Bowie? It is a complicated story of a series of Art Murders. (If you google it you will find the ‘story’ the album tells) it’s a weird story and the timeline (like Jack’s) is curious. I keep thinking how disturbing it would all be if you came across it somehow without knowing what it was. You are clearly concerned for Jack and I hope you get some answers. I wish I had some suggestions to make

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    1. I don’t know that album, but I know Hamoudi is a big Bowie fan, so I shall see if he’s got it… It’s true, I am finding the situation with Jack very sad, but I think I understand what’s going on now. Thank you for the kind words. I’m trying to finish a post explaining, if I can just keep my eyes open long enough…


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