No more Jack


For the past few weeks I’ve been investigating Jack. He wrote in a letter, found in one of our gardens, that he’d been abused by the Illuminati (see my previous posts for more details). I’ve been trying to work out if the letter was a joke or the Illuminati attack was real, or just real to Jack. Now I think I know the answer.

Searching around online I found a comment he had made on a blog called Synthetic telepathy and psychotronic weapon tortures by 100,000 FBI and NSA secret spies.

Synthetic telepathy and psychotronic weapon tortures

This is the introduction to the blog

“Pervert FBI and NSA psychopaths are secretly and illegally conducting non-consensual, sadistic, synthetic telepathy experiments and psychotronic weapon attacks on hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens in the United States and elsewhere.”

This is a site to provide information for people who believe they are being remotely abused by the FBI (or some other government body) through psychic means.

There is a list of symptoms on the blog for people undergoing these attacks, it’s very long so I won’t copy it here, but some of them are what a schizophrenic might experience:

  • Artificial “bee stings”, especially while trying to get to sleep.
  • Voices, either very insulting, or telling you things that indicate you are under surveillance.
  • Very unnatural inability to sleep, as if large amounts of caffeine have been consumed.
  • Reading and broadcasting private thoughts.
  • Frequent break-ins and poisoning of food.
  • Has no privacy even for his/her private thoughts.

There are nearly five hundred responses to the blog from desperate scared people, describing their attacks. And Jack has written one of these.

Many of the replies are heartbreaking and odd, such as this one

“I woke up one morning and my face had changed into an old lady’s face and my body is not my own. My skin is gross! like old lady skin. My boobs are completely different like they deflated. My mind is tortured 24/7. I hear voices and they’re terribly rude and talk shit all the time. Its normally my step brothers voice. Things go missing all the time, its like a funny joke to them. I don’t have ovaries anymore. I woke up and they were gone. I got it checked it out. I’m only 29 and my entire life just vanished one day. My days are pre recorded like clock work. I don’t know how long I’ve been here. I just dealt with the weird stuff going on hoping something would change me back. My soul left my body. I know this asssholes play games with me. I’ve tried killing myself but there’s something holding me back. wtf. I know this isn’t real. It should be easy to kill myself. Conspiracy theory. Has anyone else gone through something like this?”

This blog showed me there a lot of people like Jack, who believe they are being tortured from a distance, but their accounts only read like mental illness to me. I know I could be wrong, but with the brain injury I experienced paranoid psychosis for about five years and I recognise a lot of the thought patterns.

This is from Jack’s long reply to the blog (most of which is a repetition of the letter):

About 8 years ago he [Oliver] began forming an abuse network and handing out super high level computers with pretty much all the freemason/illuminati technology there is on them under the condition they do what ever he says, abuse anyone he wants to and tell any lies about anyone he tells them to. Either positive lies to get him and others in his group more power or lies to dishonestly degrade anyone he wants. His group began treating me badly in the real world and mistreating me (these are people I new from a young age.).While they planned my abuse.

This maybe explains more about the man who abused Jack’s father:

At first they began pretending they where helping me by making me a big man. They hit my brain and my body with ‘funny radiation’ twice and began influencing my mind while giving me a hard time. I ended up in a mental health ward. They also began abusing my father who is a really good man. They gradually began abusing me more and more. After about 2 months they where constantly verbally abusing me, controlling my mind to mess me up, hitting my brain and body with damaging cancer causing radiation.

After looking at his Facebook page and the reply, I am finally convinced, this is not a joke or an art project. Jack is a seriously ill guy who has built up a whole paranoid narrative around people he has known for years. It is possible for psychosis to build on real life experiences, but I don’t believe Jack actually knows anyone in the Illuminati or the Freemasons, certainly there’s no sign of this on his Facebook page.

Now I’m sure that this is illness, I think I need to walk away. Much as I enjoy exploring a mystery and sharing it with you all, somebody’s mental health and suffering aren’t something to play with. I’ve done my best to be respectful of Jack’s situation and his privacy, but I don’t think that is enough anymore. I won’t shy from writing about mental illness, but it has to done in the right way, to be helpful, and I don’t believe this is.

I’m not saying this will be gone forever and forgotten, sometimes little mysteries end up connecting in unexpected ways, but I’m going to stop poking around and just hope that Jack gets whatever help and peace of mind he needs.

I’m also probably going to take a break from blogging this week. I’m not sleeping and when I do I have too many nightmares, it’s all making me sluggish in the day. Once I’ve finished work I’m only fit to stare into space. I reckon I need a week off to let my head settle, then I’ll get back to it. See you all soon, inkbiotic x

16 thoughts on “No more Jack

  1. Yes, get some sleep. This has obviously been a tough couple of weeks for you. I hope you get some peace. I hope my natural flippancy wasn’t annoying. I know you really wanted to sort this out. and I missed it at first.
    Look forward to seeing you back here soon.

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    1. Don’t worry, flippancy is always good! 🙂 But yes, a bit of a break will sort my head out. Look forward to seeing you too.


  2. Hey,

    hugs and wish you good sleep. I don’t know if I have posted it in my new blog, but I had huge insomnia problems. Beginning of the solution was that I started to play “pretend”. You know, like when I was little girl I often pretended to be a princess. When I couldn’t sleep I pretended to be a witch.

    It helped. Don’t know why and how. My brain remains a mystery for me. :D:D:D

    Anyway….. good night and dream something peaceful.

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    1. Thank you Lapka! I’m glad your insomnia is better now, I love the idea of pretending to be a witch to sleep 🙂


  3. Staring into space works for me. And you will be back. Because these thoughts will grow like a cancer and they must be released slowly, like air from a tire, to relieve pressure.

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  4. Hey there! I somehow found my way here and am entranced by story of jack and yourself (gotta go dig into the archives I suppose to get the low down and dirty). I spent about 10-months in a paranoid schizoaffective state with full on delusions and hallucinations last year. It left me checking into the hospital at one point without any idea what my name was, my gender, my age, where I was (at the time I thought it was a secret digitized Apple sponsored program run by a shadow organization out of California….but that kept changing with every second until reality was just a prayed for idea and not something remotely concrete), and with glass embedded in my arm from punching out a window to our van. I read you spent 5-years in a paranoid state….man, you’re a bonified survivor and then some to be able to reassemble in such a way as you’ve clearly done. I really look forward to reading ore of your stuff.
    Thank you, sincerely, for sharing.

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    1. Hi there, glad to have you here 🙂 I’m sorry you went through all that, it sounds horrific. But it seems like you’re doing pretty fantastic yourself! My paranoid state was never so extreme as yours, I never disassociated. It was following a brain injury so there was a lot of ridiculous stuff going on and the psychosis was part of that. Because it wasn’t so intense, and because I was mostly stuck with no stimulation or sleep, I had time to pay attention to how my brain was fucking up, which proved useful in the end.

      Your blog looks really interesting, some beautiful writing there, I’ll enjoy following.

      Have a beautiful day, be well!

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      1. Hey thanks man. I won’t chew up all your comment section with inane questions you’ve probably already answered in your writing along the way, but I’m curious to learn more about what happened and the whole insomnia side of things….lack of sleep is a real killer when it stretches into days and weeks, I feel for you.

        Cheers as well, sure you’ll see another note or two shortly after I start in on the meat of your work. Looks delicious.

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      2. 😀 well, thank you very much! Insomnia is a serious problem when you’re still trying to heal. I hope it’s a not a problem for you. Luckily these days for me it’s more of an irritation than a disaster.

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