I’m attracting trouble again


This morning I was making my way to the station, when I think a guy threatened to punch me. It was very odd.

I was walking beside a main road, when I saw him coming towards me on my side of the pavement. He wasn’t big, but he was wiry, tense and with a look of utter rage and hatred, staring straight at me. At about fifteen feet away, he began punching at the air in front of him, all the while looking at me. I stepped to one side so that I wasn’t in his path, he stepped to the same side, still punching. I stopped, not sure what else to do. He kept coming, still punching, I didn’t move. Finally he stopped and stood in front of me, fists flailing in my direction, but not quite reaching. I stared at him trying to find an expression that didn’t look scared or aggressive, I probably just looked blank. Then with a jabbing finger he pointed to one side, presumably to suggest I walk around him. I did, waiting for him to thump me as I walked past, he didn’t and I caught the train. Too strange to deal with at seven in the morning.

At work we got guilted into using the new mess room.

‘We redecorated this for you all! Why aren’t you in it? Don’t you like it?’

So the smokers sat outside the new room on rocks (no benches here) and the rest of us sat inside on the most uncomfortable chairs in the world. They have some fancy new ergonomic design (remember they were acquired from another business that was throwing them out) and they slope downwards. So when you sit on one, you slowly slide off. The only way to stay on the chair is to constantly press your feet against the floor. This is fucking up my back. I’m going to pinch an old, battered wooden chair from one of the gardens and put that inside.

Word of the day: orey-eyed – expressing anger through the eyes

27 thoughts on “I’m attracting trouble again

      1. The problem with chairs is they’re just so rigid, I’d knock people over whenever I turned round – very bad on a station platform. Could I get some kind of collapsible construction? So mostly I look like I’m trailing four metal tails, but then zap! and I have a chair?


  1. Glad you’re okay. The boxer sounds like he has mental health issues. Maybe you reminded him of an old girlfriend that did him wrong? Or you look like the new AI walking punching bag for training. Maybe he was giving you a book review? Let’s hope you don’t see him again.

    That furniture sounds like what I call family and friend chairs, designed for very short visits.

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    1. To look like the new AI punching bad would be the worst bad luck ever! Hopefully not a book review, because it wasn’t exactly a glowing recommendation.

      I wondered if the chairs were to stop employees lounging around, bit mean though.


      1. When I worked at the Arizona State University library, I attended a meeting where they discussed various aspects behind certain decisions for a new section that was under construction. Anyway, they selected chairs that were not incredibly comfortable to stop people from settling in.

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      2. Yep, that sounds exactly like what happened with these, and then my doofus managers brought them back for us to relax on!

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  2. The chairs are meant to ensure your breaks are short and meaningful!
    The guy was probably someone looking for your attention… be positive. Else, next time, carry a Taser! 😁

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    1. Short and miserable maybe…
      I like your positive slant on things, next time I’ll give him a big hug, but have the taser ready just in case 🙂


    1. Ooh zero gravity sounds nice. I used to tilt chairs back a lot as a kid, I think it involved falling off them a lot! 😉


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