Me vs. reality


Shaily Agrawal made the suggestion that maybe our impossible-to-set clock was tuned to the wrong timezone. Aha! I thought, that’s plausible. But having fiddled around with it today, I see that every time it’s reset it chooses a different time. Sometimes ten minutes out, sometime six hours, sometimes three hours and twenty-four minutes. As a kid, I had a digital watch that was erratic like that. Every time you pressed the light switch the time changed. I even wrote it into one of my books. I assumed then, and am assuming now that it’s some kind of code. A way that technology can communicate with us.

I should probably also report, that I found no evidence of a portal opening or mysterious happenings at the time the clock chose. And no further evidence of a zombie apocalypse occurring. In fact it felt like a completely normal day, as if no doom was impending at all and only ineptness was lurking round every corner. But that can’t be right.

Word of the day: Fey/fay/fie – doomed, under the shadow of a violent, foreseen death

25 thoughts on “Me vs. reality

        And you are sucked into it?? How will we know!? because surely they will send someone here to keep blogging for you…..

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      2. Watch out for clues, if I start posting selfies, insulting cake or talking about my favourite shade of lipstick, then THAT’S NOT ME. And I’ll need you to rescue me from the portal please 🙂

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      3. I think it will be a bit like the first series of Stranger Things when they rescue the kid from the upside down. Or like something out of Ghostbusters. Or Where the Wild Things Are. One of those.

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      1. I’m never sure which is latitude and which is longitude. Try it both ways. If either points to Roswell it is logical to panic. If they point to McDonalds it is logical to believe it is a very sophisticated advertising campaign and bury the clock in the garden of someone you dislike. If they appear totally random they could be space/time coordinates. Are you sure about the time portal? Hang on. What if they’re a combination? A key to the safe that contains the secret? If only we knew where it was…

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      2. That’s some complex deducing there! My boss has a safe, I don’t think it’s ever been locked though. I’ve always found that odd, why have a safe if you don’t lock it? Now I’m thinking: if you locked the safe and then opened it, what would you find inside? I think those coordinates might be my boss’s office. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t understand when tea break starts, because time is always leaking out of the portal and floating around her.


  1. What if it was right and every other clock or watch available was wrong, have you considered that?!

    Reminds me of a cartoon in which a fond mother was watching her son’s* passing-out parade. Her remark was along the lines “Look! Isn’t my son great? He’s the only one in step!”

    * Nowadays, of course, it would’ve have been valid to have had other genders: this was probably a Reader’s Digest cartoon from my mother’s 1970s collection.

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    1. That would mean that time was changing every time Mateo tried to set the clock!! That’s a brilliant idea, it’d spice life right up. But may cause problems when catching a train.

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