I’ve dissolved!


Hello lovely people! I haven’t been around for a few days, which wasn’t planned, but sort of essential. Doing a physical job in heat way above what I’m used to (nudging 37°C yesterday) reduced me to a sweaty, clumsy wreckage incapable of thought. If I’d tried blogging I’d have written only letter sludge.

The good thing is that all us gardeners were in it together, propping each other up, finding reasons to hide under trees or floundering as one.

Interesting fact (that I’m fairly sure I’ve got right): temperature is measured in the shade, otherwise the direct sun would distort the readings. This means that being in the sun feels 10-15° hotter. Which means it was really 50° last week.

Anyway, the heat, the trains shutting down with requests that commuters ‘avoid travel except where absolutely necessary’, and poking myself in the eye with a twig, meant that I thought I’d best leave it. Now we’re back to rains and thunder, I’d should be posting as normal. Speak soon, Ink x




20 thoughts on “I’ve dissolved!

      1. Good. You have every right to be pathetic from time to time. You have earned that right. Go to work on Monday with a Pirate’s Eye-Patch and tell them that you can only do the left side of the beds.

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      2. Heh, I did wonder if I’d end up pruning only half of each shrub!
        I’ve always wanted to be a pirate, not the kind that actually kills people just the digging-up-treasure-and-saying-ooar kind. 😀


  1. Glad you’re okay.
    Anyone working outside should receive combat pay for enduring the heat. We had our heat wave last week with similar temperatures. On the hottest day around noon, the streets were mostly empty. It seemed like an early morning where everyone slept in. Nobody wanted to be outside.

    Hope the temp gets back to normal asap.

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    1. Combat pay is a great idea! I shall pass that on to my boss. I hope your heat wave has also soothed now, and that you got a good storm to finish it off – that’s my favourite part!


    1. Yes, sorry, I was having a bit of a play! I took the picture at an outdoor art display and then turned it upside down. I’ll put some more up today and that will make it clearer 🙂

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  2. My eye is fine, thank you. And with these mood swings the weather must be a hormonal teenager! I hope the heat didn’t drive you too crazy 🙂

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  3. Hey Inky……….love that name. My friend had the most adorable puppy named Inky. He was so short that he got lost in the LAWN.

    Anyway….when I was in Sardinia, it was 100.4*F so I get your sweaty puddle incapable of thought thing……..

    Hope you are better……….

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