Frieze! Or I’ll shoot!

A handy scarf hugging a tree

Alien Resort was asking about the picture I put up yesterday. It was one of the sculptures from the outdoor art Frieze at Regent’s Park (I turned the picture upside down because I liked the way it messed with perspective). Anyway, I thought I’d put up the other pictures from there, since it was an interesting exhibition.

Quite annoying though, despite cordons around most of the art and signs saying Please don’t touch, people were lifting their kids over the ropes and letting them climb all over the art. I like that the public feel less intimidated by art and rules now, but it seems like only the intimidation was stopping us from trashing everything.

Ivan Argote – Bridges (We Are Melting)

^ This is part of the sculpture that I used in yesterday’s photo, there were four of these bridge-like structures with words that didn’t make much sense on them.


Jaume Plensa – Laura Asia’s Dream

I thought this was beautiful, so peaceful ^

Tracey Emin – When I Sleep

^ I’m not usually keen on Tracey Emin’s art, but I thought this captured a feeling well. And I liked the way she was just lying on the grass, as if she’d collapsed there and didn’t want to get up.

Barry Flanigan – Composition

^ A rabbit, leaping through the air on the back of four elephants. This looked like the penultimate scene in a kid’s book.

Huma Bhabha – Receiver

Well, this disturbing hunk of chunk looked like it would step down and start thumping people. Just looked up the artist, and she’s great. May do a blog about some of her art soon, it’s the stuff of creepy dreams.

There were other sculptures too, which I’ll probably post up at some time. I hope you enjoyed these!



















15 thoughts on “Frieze! Or I’ll shoot!

  1. Looks great. I really like the Huma Bhabha.
    Unfortunately the nearest thing we get to street art around here is ‘A vast collection of discarded dog-ends’ outside the pub; ‘Somebody shouldn’t have started that kebab’ up a shop window, and ‘Somebody couldn’t hold on until they got home’ in every shop doorway…


      1. Maybe THAT should be part of the art! In fact, I think I may put on a live art installation in my local town centre, get some art critics down and give them each a mop and bucket. It’s interactive! It enables them to revel in the transient beauty of human waste as it reflects eternity of the spatial motif.
        (turns out there’s a generator for pretentious art criticism)


    1. That IS a beautiful sculpture! It’s got me thinking about the statues where I work that irritate me (all generals, all white men). I think I need to blog about it, I hope you don’t mind if I mention Triumph of Labour, because it’s a part of what I want to say.

      (The tree made me happy too!)


    1. Ah that explains the sinister aura around him. I noticed no kids were climbing on THIS statue! Thank you for the link, very interesting πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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