The Alley of Sinister Children


I stumbled down a back street today and found myself in a tiny road with many flowers and statues of children hanging from the balconies. Each one was dangling from a different house, so this is a small of community who got together and all agreed to decorate their homes with strung up children. At first I found it interesting, but I didn’t like the one with no hands, bit too much like a Saw movie to me. I didn’t hang around very long after that, the vibes were not reassuring.






32 thoughts on “The Alley of Sinister Children

  1. Scary! I don’t like the idea of hanging children as well. Gives my child wrong ideas… One without hands was too much, I agree! Looked like evil

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  2. Tutti i putti sono dipinti… Looks like a variation on when places like Bristol invited artists to paint fibreglass Gromits or gorillas and placed them in public places. Same here, do you think?

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    1. Not a very public place though, very much off the main road and no one around. Gorillas sound great! I’d like a load of gorillas in my street!


  3. Reminds me of Mel’s moose. A former mayor of Toronto decided to place full sized replicas of moose all over the city. Each was painted in different colours and different painting styles. That was some 20 years ago. Stumble across one once in awhile but not in Toronto.


    1. That’s sinister! A truly evil parent could have a whole narrative for each hanging child. ‘That’s Natalie, she’s been there for thirty years. All because she scuffed her new shoes. And then there’s the story of how Shirley lost her hands…’


      1. Thank you! 🤩
        Hey, I’ve just discovered where I can get emojis from! 🤯👽


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