Don’t get sidetracked…


More words of wisdom from the mind of an algorithm (they know us so well)

The little sleep I had last night was loaded with dreams, the kind that vanish from your memory as soon as you wake, but leave you with a feeling that something happened. And that sense keeps coming back, almost like a memory: Something important happened. But no idea what. Since it was a dream, I’m assuming it was about zombies.

Anyway, once I reached five am I couldn’t stand being in bed any longer and went to the window and saw this sky



So that was sublime. I hope you’re all having a beautiful day too.

‘The door is wide and open, don’t go back to sleep.’ Rumi

Word of the day: Hypaethral – roofless; open to the sky

18 thoughts on “Don’t get sidetracked…

  1. Such a beautiful sky! I once dealt with 100 days of insomnia. So I used it to my benefit by joining a job with rotational shifts. Unfortunately, you can’t work if you can’t sleep! 😁
    Fortunately, ever since my daughter was born, I can sleep anywhere anytime, even standing! I wrote a post about it last year as well.

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    1. Thank you! I seem to have got used to having little sleep, when I’m working, at least. Give me a comfortable chair and there’s a danger of snoozing!


  2. Unfortunately, he passed away a number of years ago. But before that, he never solved his insomnia. He even did a sleep study, but the only thing that came out of that was they confirmed he had problems sleeping. It was a vicious cycle. My dad had trouble sleeping too, but not as bad as my brother.

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    1. Oh I’m sorry, poor guy and poor you, that’s tough.

      I did a sleep study too when i had a more extreme problem ten years ago. It didn’t help me either, turned out they only knew how to deal with apnoea, I didn’t have that.
      I don’t think doctors have really figured sleep out yet.

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