United in doom!


Does anyone think of themselves as a normie? I appreciate there are degrees of oddness, but surely we’re all a least bit strange.

“Since the dawn of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun”

Mr Burns  – The Simpsons

Word of the day: teratology – study of monsters, freaks, abnormal growths or malformations


18 thoughts on “United in doom!

    1. But why would anyone want to be a normie? I’m not saying I specifically want to be an oddball (although I’m often told I am) but an actual normie, that’s like declaring yourself mediocre. And no, I wouldn’t say you were that!


    1. Hmm, I guess I believe that normies are pretending, which I imagine is quite stressful and exhausting.
      Being more normal would be easier, it’s true, people get angry a lot when you’re *all wrong* but to not stick out at all, to be part of the constant flow, surely you’d vanish?


      1. Sometimes it is a very good feeling – to vanish. I love to dress myself so that I become invisible. Attention, even the positive, costs energy. I agree however that it is two sided sword. To never be seen would also drive me completely crazy.

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      2. Hmm, that’s a brilliant answer, made me think. I don’t think I meant vanish from the view of other people, (because I agree, that’s quite nice) but vanishing from myself, so that I can’t see where I exist or why. Because there are too many people already, and if I’m the same, why bother?


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