Lucky lucky renter


The landlady turned up before I left for work to let us know that someone would be painting the house next week. Most landladies would have sent an email, but she had some blankets she wanted to store somewhere and decided that our kitchen cupboards were a good place to do that. I found her when I went to make some toast, she was clearing plates out of the cupboard to make room for the blankets. It was too early to argue and I am a coward.

‘It must be nice to rent and not have all these responsibilities. To get the whole house painted without any effort. I’d love to just go off to work without a care,’ she said, and I huffed around the kitchen trying to make toast with her faffing about in front of the toaster. Incidentally, she doesn’t have to go off to work at all, because she makes so much money in rent. Once she’d gone I tried to fit the plates in another cupboard.

“It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.” Ashleigh Brilliant.

Word of the day: Foolocracy – government by fools


35 thoughts on “Lucky lucky renter

  1. Take the effing blankets OUT of the kitchen cupboard and put your plates back in it.

    Take the effing blankets BACK to her and tell her your plates are in your cupboards where they belong. Blankets in a kitchen are a fire hazard.

    She’s an idiot.

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      1. Well yes, me too. The important difference for me (and I’m guessing for you too) is that I’d never try to run a country because I know I’d fuck it up.

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      2. Yes it should only be done by someone who avoids doing it whenever possible and has only his cat for company (so says wise Mr Adams).

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      3. I’m not entirely sure it’s true. My brother told me when the film came out, that he had no ears (i was a gullible child) which he he later modified to no earlobes. The Internet now allows us to check things like that, but some mysteries are better than facts!

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  2. So glad she doesn’t show up as much. But when she does, she makes up for lost time by invading personal space and making belittling comments. She would sing a different tune if she had the angry trainman or the punchy man walking down the street as tenants.

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      1. I work near a zoo, so I’ve started keeping an eye out. So far only seen giraffes and heard monkeys. But I’m sure I’ll spot a friendly tiger soon…


      1. Let’s call them by their proper names: despots, hypocrites, liars, fascists, dictators. However foolish the figureheads seem they usually have a team of diehard sociopaths behind them.

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    1. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting the plates within the folds of the blankets so when she takes the blankets out the plates crash on the floor. Might be cutting my nose off my nose to spite my face though…


      1. Which alternatives do you have? Can you find something similar for this rent? Are you willing to move? Are you willing to invest some time/energy/money to look for some communal legal support? Or is the situation from the category “annoying but not annoying enough for a change”? I have the impression that the last is the case for you. If “yes” I would try to relax and cultivate the similar attitude with this bitch that you have at your job with the annoying dude. I would definitely not play any petty annoying games.

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    2. I’d rather put some wet towels and toiletries on top of the blankets. You can tell her you were short of space too. Once she gets mouldy blankets after a few days, she will stop these antics.

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