Complain! Complain! Complain!

An allium

Any of you keeping track might know that I bought a new laptop a few days ago. And in many ways it is great – it doesn’t take half an hour to open Word, it doesn’t crash at the sight of WordPress and it’s not held together by elastic bands and bulldog clips.

However, there’s one small problem. When I was looking at the website, the size of the hard drive was listed as two different amounts: 1 terabyte (huge!) and 250 gigabytes (foolishly small). After reading the reviews and asking Hamoudi what he thought, we came to the conclusion that it had two hard drives and one was 250GB and the other was 1TB. We were both wrong.

So what turned up was a laptop that has only 250 GB of space, once I put photos and music on it, it was half full. So I wrote to the dealers, and said very sweetly, ‘YOU LIED TO ME’.

A nice woman wrote back asking for proof of the misleading website, which I sent, she said ‘Urrr, ok I’ll get back to you in a bit.’ I said ‘cool, btw I don’t want to return the laptop, I just want to be compensated for the external hard drive I’ll have to buy.’

Yesterday afternoon I checked my email, nothing. Then late last night the doorbell rang with a parcel for me. It was an external hard drive for 1 terabyte. No note, still no email, but exactly what I wanted. That they didn’t contact me to tell me it was coming made this an obvious shut up and go away gesture, which is fine by me, I love being paid off.

Complaining can work, my friends. Just don’t abuse it.

Word of the day: Gudgeon  – a person easily cheated

“there’s no defense except all the errors made”

 Charles Bukowski, Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit

14 thoughts on “Complain! Complain! Complain!

    1. I reckon they were scared of bad reviews, which is understandable. I wouldn’t ever want to make someone feel bad because of a mistake, but I suspect a lot of companies try to get away with substandard products or misleading advertising, and that’s not right. And yeah, sometimes it works out!


  1. Definitely rolled over, but the external drive is a good idea. My pooter has a terabyte and is full of junk and millions of photos, but I’m still using only 222gb – so 250 is not unmaneagable. My last pooter had a partitioned hard drive – I can’t remember the different capacities, but it was a total pain in the arse. Hard to see how they could make that mistake genuinely, unless there are two versions of the same model. Only problem is, if you want to back up precious photos that you have on the external drive, you will need another external drive. Do you use Google Photos – it’s a good free resource for backing up precious photos. Anyway, you were very patient with them. Not sure that I wouldn’t have demanded the model I thought I’d paid for. As long as you can turn it on and post your stuff, I’m happy 🙂

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    1. And if you’re happy, I’m happy 😀
      I have thought through the back up problem, and have a lot stored on pen drives and online. I might use the external drive for old information I don’t really use, but have a hoarder mentality about. Then if the drive breaks it’s like a clear out!


      1. Oh man, I have shit everywhere. Memory cards, sticks, external drives. If I could just find some way of getting floppy discs working again I would probably have months worth of material on tap – except I burned them last year. Boy, do they make a lot of smoke 😬

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      2. And you breathed in that smoke, so the ideas would have seeped back into your blood and are currently making their way through your circulatory system. Along with some burnt plastic!


    1. True. To reply properly I need a smiley sitting cross legged on the grass in a storm, holding a battered notebook and staring wistfully into space while sighing. But I can’t find such a one.


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