I control nothing!


So yesterday I believed I had the power of King Cnut and could control the cars. By merely strolling up to the side of the road, the stream of traffic would halt and wait for me to cross, UNTIL I got to the middle of the road, when cars coming in the other direction would speed towards me without a care. This was clearly an awesome, but mightily flawed power.

Well, shockingly, it turns out I don’t have this power at all. Actually, they have changed the traffic lights so that the lights on one side of the road change about twenty seconds sooner than the lights on the other side of the road (although for the pedestrians it’s only one crossing). This means that people blithely cross when the cars on the near side stop and then nearly get hit when somebody shoots round the bend on the other side.

There’s going to be an accident!

And for all those sick of hearing about hashtags (not from me, just in general):

Word of the day: Octothorpe – Another name for #

5 thoughts on “I control nothing!

  1. Heh, I do like Cnut as a nickname, so close to an insult! I promise to not get run over unless there is a really good reason (eg saving a frog or stopping an ice cream van), but thank you for your concern šŸ™‚
    I’m glad you like the word of the day! I might try and slip a few octothorpes into work tomorrow ‘Octothorpe YOLO!’ before I do a handstand on a table or Octothorpe icebucketchallenge!’ before I throw a glass of cold water at my boss. It will be adorbs! Maybe I can get #octothorpe trending on Twitter, that could cause the Internet to twist in on itself and implode, right?


  2. Wow. The power taken away as easy as given. Oh well. You could always time the light as you raise your hands to the heavens. Spectators will still be in awe of “the power” they think you have. Just don’t get hit on the other side.

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