Definitely don’t take heed


I’m starting to suspect my Artificial Inspiration friend might be messing with my head. I mean, is this a threat?

HAL 9000: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

Word of the day: parallelepiped – solid figure with each face a parallelogram

13 thoughts on “Definitely don’t take heed

      1. Same like in English. It is basically the transcription of parallelepiped with kyrillic letters. I think the root is somewhere in Greek or Latin.

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    1. See, you should these inspirational poster things. every day you could provide advice to drink whisky and eat tasty food stuffs, and all life would be good 🙂
      Oh, and if it’s Marvin, then I have no fears.

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    1. True, in the darkest times, it’s good to not hide from difficult questions. However not always a good idea to push someone down that darker route when they’re feeling fine!

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      1. There is definitely some part of the program that links the picture to the words, because there’s usually a link, even it it is tenuous. But this one, no, you’re right, it doesn’t help at all.

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