Almost the greatest photo ever!



So I fixed my goddamn camera (well, I assume I did. I was trying to fix it and now it works. I’m not exactly sure what the connection between these two states is, but presumably I did something.) And I can take actual photos! I can’t really go out exploring, of course, but then the fox cubs came to visit.

I crept out the back door and got a couple of wonky snaps, (I had to kind of lean over the fire escape, it was awkward) and then, just as I was about to take the best photo ever, the kid from next door started shouting out the window.

‘Go away foxes! Go away!’ she yelled.

They weren’t even in her garden, they were in mine. The little bugger.

I sympathise though, she’s about eight, has been left with her grandparents and is going slowly insane. She spends hours hitting their washing with a stick while singing nonsense very loudly. This cannot be an easy situation for an only child. Still, she could have waited a few minutes before shouting.

9 thoughts on “Almost the greatest photo ever!

  1. I pity the child. The pics look awesome already.
    My child also has a habit of singing nonsense. I’ve been planning to write about it. She sings in English, a language she doesn’t understand at all 😏 Say, one of her songs had 3 words I understood: baby, mommy and cry. Apparently she was singing “Hush little baby”

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  2. She knows what she means and that is all that matters. Fox-love is even harder to engender in the city than it is here in the countryside where some of the stupid twonks would still get all togged up to hunt them if they could. Normal, rational people with mind-blowingly irrational need to kill something.

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    1. I’ve never quite got my head around that. I have done many irrational things, but getting together in a group in fancy clothes in order to kill a fluffy fella makes no sense. I wonder if they started with teddy bears – if you can put on your Sunday best and stamp on Paddington, then you are truly on the road to greatness!

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  3. Lovely very special pictures. You see more wild animals where you are than I do here! And I hope the girl next door gets some stimulation soon and doesn’t carry the stick antics much further :>)

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