We all must have purpose!

foxy fellas

two foxes

I have tagged this Lifestyle, because this is my covid lifestyle, watching fox cubs. And here are some words for such a lifestyle.

Deponent – having a passive form but active meaning (I feel this sums me up at the moment, because I definitely mean to be active, but my form is passive.)

Stygian – having a gloomy or foreboding aspect; murky (not sure if this is my mood or the mood of the world today)

Medusiform – resembling a jellyfish (self explanatory).

Along with watching foxes, I went out to buy some milk and watched a bit of Seven Psychopaths ( I haven’t the concentration to watch a whole film at once). And I decided to stop trying to write a book that was annoying me, and start writing a new one. It went quite well too. I might start another new one when this one gets annoying. Maybe I can sell them on to people who have trouble starting writing.

10 thoughts on “We all must have purpose!

    1. It really is! But there must be a few writers that hate it and would appreciate me doing the job for them 🙂
      I could even adapt the same few stories for different genres,: just set them in space for sci fi or in the past for historical. This could be a moneyspinner 😉

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  1. I had something cynical to say regarding “purpose” but decided to save it for one of my characters….know you don’t like cynicism. Enjoying your book still…reading slowly but digging it!!

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    1. All is good, thank you! I suspect a diverse resume will be useful after the pandemic is over. And survival skills, maybe. You take care 🙂


  2. Glad you got closer-up shots of the cubs before her next door requested them to leave in no uncertain terms… 😁 And there must be a word that’s the antonym of ‘to bingewatch box sets’ because your curated short viewing sounds like me with daytime reading at the moment — can’t settle till I’m in bed with no other distractions.

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    1. That must be tough, your usual dedication to reading is awesome. Is that a coronavirus thing? Or are you just too busy with too many activities?

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      1. Too busy browsing through social media during the day — when I’m not walking, parcelling up books for the local bookshop, or doing odd jobs — to settle to reading during the day. But in bed, with phone switched off and downstairs, I manage to fit in a godd two hours of book time first thing in the morning or at nighttime.

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