Not quite panicking, I’m a pirate without a patch!


Although it is a bad idea to end up in hospital during a plague, it’s probably a more efficient experience than when not during a plague.

Note: this blog may be more badly spelt and incoherent than usual, but I have a reason this time.

On Monday I got a stye on my eye, you know, one those little painful lumps on your eyelid that go away in a few days? I got one of them. By Tuesday it was really hurting, with stabbing pains shooting into my head. Wednesday I got a weird lump on my cheekbone, like a painful pea. Thursday my eye swelled up so much I couldn’t open it and I kept walking into things. By Friday, another red lump, like someone had punched me, had appeared on my eyebrow. I had an am-I-being-silly?-or-am-I-in-trouble? phase. I went to the pharmacist, managed to lose my wallet on the way and then couldn’t see to find it. Had melt down. Called a friend who lives nearby and he came out and found the wallet perfectly safe in my bag, then kindly waited while I went in the pharmacist.

I said to the pharmacist, ‘It was just a stye,’ and he said something to reply, but he had a mask on and I couldn’t hear him. So I launched into symptoms, then when I finished, I realised he’d said the same thing a few times and I was too panicked to listen.

‘See a doctor. You need to see a doctor.’

I went to the doctors, they were shut and told me no one would come out to see me and they said I had to go to the hospital for Urgency Care.

(Is this Accident and Emergency now? They’ve rebranded?)

I didn’t want to go to the hospital so I called 111. The very calm, helpful doctor I eventually spoke to told me I needed to see a hospital. That I needed someone with me in case I had a siezure on the way and I might need to be put on an IV drip.


Anyway, Urgency Care in a crisis, runs very smoothly and was half empty because everyone is too scared to go in (I suspect the ward where the virus patients are is not so calm). We could all sit at a distance from each other and I got seen in about twenty minutes.

I have an infection that has spread over half my face. It could have damaged my eye, but didn’t. I got given the strongest antibiotics they have and told by a very reassuring doctor, the not very reassuring comment ‘You’re strong, these will probably work. If not, you have to come in and be put on a drip.’ He squirted some orange stuff into my eye which dribbled all down my face and meant no beggars bothered me on the way back (scared for how they’re doing right now, but this was not the time).

I seem to have survived the night. My face has swelled up a bit more, but I don’t feel too bad. So if I disappear, I’ve either got nothing to say because I’m boring, or I’m in the hospital.

Note: wearing a face mask when you can’t see out of one eye is like peering out of a small hole in a box.

32 thoughts on “Not quite panicking, I’m a pirate without a patch!

    1. It got worse and I had to go back to hospital, but back now, thank you. Will write about it tomorrow, cos was an interesting trip f an exhausting one.

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  1. That’s a scare and a half for you, Petra, though if you can put a humorous spin on it all then it may be that (as Reader’s Digest used to insist) Laughter really is the Best Medicine. Please reassure us with another post just as soon as you can manage.

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    1. I’d not heard of them before. Is it a during-the-virus thing? At my hospital they both had the same reception, and it was all changed around to give people space, so I’m not sure if I was in A and E or UC. And thank you! πŸ™‚


      1. πŸ˜€ Glad for you! BTW, you latest post was an eye opening info about locking people up for long durations. I can see why a life term can drive people insane. This guy would do anything for an excuse to get outside, even try madness

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    1. I know! I used to think of infections as things that happen on your skin or in your throat. And stay there.
      But learning they can get in your brain was a shock. I still hadn’t got over finding out that you can lose limbs because of a tiny cut that gets infected. The sign of trouble seems to be when they start spreading, because they do it really fast. So remember, you ever see a line/patch of red moving out from an infection, no matter how small, SEE A DOCTOR! I feel like they should should teach us this in school.
      Stay safe!

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      1. It’s bonkers. I have heard stories about little cuts turning into lost limbs. I think there was a girl who was injured on a zipline and she wound up needing something amputated. The other one I heard was a guy got jabbed by a pine needle and something similar occurred. It’s not common, but it’s not completely unknown. Anything around your face could be deadly because of all the blood vessels, and, well the brain hanging out up there. What’s even scarier is people are more reluctant to seek medical help because doing so could put them in MORE danger due to the pandemic D:

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      2. Too scary! Don’t think about it! I don’t like it! Quick, here’s a cat to soothe your soul! 😺
        And relax.

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