Quick update on my mutant status

set-smile-emoji-coronavirus-infection-face-with-medical-mask-cartoon-virus-emoticons-social-media-chat-comment-illustration_87543-3223After another trip to Urgent Care, more panic that the infection was spreading to my brain and then it turned out it wasn’t, things calmed down. I have new antibiotics that seem to be working, I still look weird, but that may  just be me. I’m now mostly too tired and tetchy to do anything but watch Community and sleep, but I wanted to share a story of a man at the hosiptal.

He was sitting just the other side of a curtain, talking to a nurse. I couldn’t hear everything, I guessed he was a patient because I heard him mention dizzy spells. But there was something un-patient-like about how he spoke. He was too talkative and his voice too strong, most patients are weak and scared. This man did not shut up, just a monologue. I thought he had a mental illness, but his voice was clear and confident and a bit patronising.

So I listened closely. Here is some of what I heard:

‘I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced anxiety or a panic attack, but it’s just the worst’ (goes on to explain a panic attack to a doctor.)

Doctor: And you can’t go back to work, is that right?

‘No! Because every time I go there and I switch the phone on and there’s like this surge of energy. I know some people will say this sounds weird, but this technology has never been tested. 5G isn’t like 4G. And even the wireless is causing changes in our brains.’

‘I’ve done a lot of research on this, they brought this technology in without doing the proper testing…’ (he starts to talk about brain chemistry in fairly technical terms that managed to still not sound convincing at all.)

‘It’s like a tendril that’s going to burst in my head. Sometimes it’s hot and sometimes cold. You can’t possibly imagine what’s that’s like. The most intense and terrifying experience.’

Doctor: Well your ECG and blood tests are normal, but you’ve spoken about anxiety, so I’m going to get you to speak to a psychiatrist.

‘Yes, but anxiety isn’t the problem, it’s caused by the 5G. Now this is what a lot of people don’t understand…’

I’ve seen a lot of rumours about 5G on the Internet. I can’t see well enough to go looking up now, but I know some think it caused the virus. Not sure how this fitted in with this guy’s panic attacks and tendrils. Or why he sounded more like a pub bore than a seriously ill person who goes to the hospital during a plague. Maybe he thinks the plague isn’t real. Maybe you clever readers can figure this one out – I’m always throwing these little mysteries out to you, I know!

Anyway when I saw him finally, he looked totally normal, he was wearing a clean shirt, khaki trousers, smartly cut grey hair. He could have been a bank manager on his day off. He could have been David Icke.


35 thoughts on “Quick update on my mutant status

  1. Oh my word. It sounds horrible and scary. I hope you are starting to feel better now.
    It really confuses me how a technology could be responsible for a virus, but radio waves (or whatever mobile phones use) and brain waves are, presumably, similar, so who knows about that one. anxiety is horrible and debilitating, so I hope David Icke can get some help 😉 (I would have been more convinced if he was wearing the turquoise track suit). Anyway, take care and get well soon. PS just realised you might not be able to read this, but I’m beaming it over, mental 5G, you’ll get it…:-)

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  2. Once a delusion takes hold, insight disappears, unfortunately, things like modern technology 5G and so on weave their way into a fixated person’s thoughts like a… tendril on an ivy plant. It must be an awful thing to be in a perpetual state of anxiety and ‘intense terrifying experience’. He spoke like he ‘knew better’ than the doctors, so why turn up asking for help? It is probably a compulsion that he might meet that ‘one doctor who agrees’, Doctors are good at listening so his visit to A&E would provide a soothing validation. That is until he was told he needs to see a psychiatrist. The poor man thinks he is being persecuted by 5G, that he is being singled out by 5G to give him a brain change. Sounded a bit grandiose to me and the pub bore voice is called ‘flattening of affect’ in psychiatry. Poor thing. Anyway, hope you are feeling better. Sam xx

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  3. I couldn’t possibly tell you all the things I’ve heard in A&E or seen or smelt… It is the door to the other world, the bench in the park of strife, the place where whispers of time get mixed up and the escape route is the phone on hold playing green sleeves.

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  4. Glad you feel better. I guess the lesson we learn here is that there is no way to tell if someone is unstable by looking at them. Aren’t you happy that you can see your health problems fading away…through one eye?

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    1. People are extremely complicated, just when I think I’m figuring them out, they mess up my theories again. Incredible though.

      I can look through both eyes a bit now! 🙂


  5. I think this is the after effect of of sitting too many months at home alone. Technology can cause malware. May be it can Corona-ware. However it is unclear how it caused COVID 19 in India, since we only have 4G. May be 5G infected 4G when in other countries where they could interact and sent it to India.

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    1. This is something I hadn’t taken into account, maybe the guy was isolated and that was getting to him and making him paranoid. And giving him all that extra time to start look up theories. Or maybe (and I wouldn’t blame him for this) he was scared to go into work because of Corona and was looking for a reason not to.

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    1. I’m all fine now, thank you! My eyelid is a bit scabby, but otherwise, no problems at all.

      It’s good to hear from you 🙂 I hope you’re able to keep safe with all the drama going on in the US – how do you feel about the protests and the reactions? It seems like real changes are happening to the law and attitudes. I hope so.
      Because just a plague wasn’t dramatic enough!

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      1. I am 100% in support of the protests! It’s like a perfect storm pretty much. People have been out of work because of the pandemic so they have the time, then the “normal” police brutality happens (I HATE that I have to say normal, but that’s what it is…) and it was pretty much just a volcano waiting to erupt. What’s REALLY getting me is how it’s not only in all 50 states, but also around the world. Like there have been solidarity protests in other countries even countries with a not very high Black population! Like that’s HUGE. It definitely feels like there’s a major shift happening, and I’m trying to look at what history experts are saying instead of jumping to conclusions.

        Ugh, the way my country has botched the pandemic is infuriating. We’re starting to open back up and it makes ZERO sense. I get people are frustrated and tired of social distancing, but it’s only going to make it worse and more people are going to get it. I could write a freaking treatise on why everything our leadership is doing is terrible 😦

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      2. Perfect storm describes it exactly. It’s been incredible to watch. Historic.

        People having time to think definitely makes a difference . It means humanity across the world can suddenly focus on bigger problems than how to get a raise or when to buy a new car, and instead think about the problems with our lives, our society.

        Maybe if, after the pandemic, all humanity just worked part time (which is what all the technology was FOR, right? To reduce the need to work) we’d be able to fix society.
        I mean, humans have been around a long time, we can do all this clever shit, but we haven’t got rid of racism? in fact of all bigotry is pretty ridiculous. The human race needs a time out to have a think about our behaviour.

        Anyway, I just hope the message keeps spreading and doesn’t get lost again. The fact it’s so global should help.

        What effect do you think it will have on the election? Opinions look so extremely divided.

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      3. Oooooh there’s this REALLY good article I read a long time ago about how most work is complete bullshit. Like it’s unnecessary and only exists as it does for nonsense reasons. I should try to find it; it was brilliant. There is literally no reason we can house and feed every person in the country except for false beliefs and bureaucracy; the idea that if people don’t “deserve” it, they shouldn’t have it. I guess I’m just a bleeding heart who thinks all humans deserve basic necessities.

        I would like to think the pandemic would shake things up and change things, but I don’t think it directly will. The anti-racist protests though? Those have more of a chance, and they couldn’t be as they are now without the pandemic, so it DOES get some credit, but it only exacerbated conditions that were already in place.

        I…honestly don’t know. The issue is the election isn’t for five months, and so much can change in that relatively short time. Remember how Hillary was leading in the polls until the FBI just “happened” to reopen her email case in October? Yeah. While orange Julius is hiding in his bunker right now and if we had an election tomorrow it would probably go one way, I don’t know what it will look like in five months. I’d like to think this will drive people away from him, but sadly the other choice isn’t great either :\ I mean I know which one will mitigate the most damage and where I’m going to go, but I read something fascinating about how Xers, Millennials, and after aren’t really democrats either. We just tend to align ourselves there because it’s the closest we can get, but we’re waaaay past that now in terms of ideology. I was absolutely floored when I realized how conservative our country is. Like people like Bernie are considered centrist by global standards. Like he’s just talking about things that most of the rest of the developed world just….accepts, and it’s really jarring.

        So I guess what I’m saying is I have absolutely no idea #lolsob

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      4. Hawking wrote on reddit for the last time saying:
        ‘Hawking: If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution. So far, the trend seems to be toward the second option, with technology driving ever-increasing inequality.’
        Which is what’s so frustrating. Leaders keep getting together to discuss how to deal with widespread unemployment due to automation, but all they need to say is ‘Hey, everyone, let’s stop working!’
        Covid might cause the start of a shift in attitudes because so many people have been able to work out how they feel about work – if they like it, if they could live with out it, what they need instead. Myself, I’ve had a great time being off, but I’m glad to be going back on Wednesday. I have a tendency towards laziness and it’s starting to kick in now.
        With your election, it is pretty shocking how far to the right the US is, I don’t know how you change that – a Democrat can’t do that much in a term or two, and like you say, doesn’t want to anyway.
        I want to say come and live in the UK, but we’re doing a crappy job and our own mop haired, dim-witted sociopath is likely to sell off the country to the US. By the time we get a left wing PM, I doubt we’ll have much left.
        I hope you’re right about the anti-racist protests, there’s been a lot of unexpected changes recently. For most of my life there were huge problems with racism, but we seemed to be moving slowly in the right direction. Then you guys got Trump, we got Brexit. The alt right became suddenly huge despite being a bunch of sulky white boys who spent their lives on the internet. I felt like we were heading somewhere absolutely terrifying. Then the last few weeks have been like a blast of hope that maybe everything is going to be ok. So I just don’t know.
        Maybe we could do a deal with the US. All the people who want to live in a country where health care is free, racism (and any bigotry) is treated like a ridiculous abomination, and work is reduced to three days a week can live in one country. And all the Trump and Boris lovers can live in the other. What do you reckon? I’ll design a flag. I think our national animal should be a sloth.

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      5. I find myself missing work if I’m off for too long. Even though I could get so much more of my own stuff done without having to slog through eight hours a day, but I like what I do, so I think it would be more I’d just be less beholden to working so much and rather work on getting certain things done. I’m a dork and I like the problem solving aspect of it, plus like you said I’ll be super lazy if I don’t have a schedule. I’d have to make one of those myself, and I can’t even be responsible for my own bed time, though I DO have a to-do list I’m pretty good at following.

        The leaders are sadly in cahoots or are the people profiting off the workers, so them saying that is probably never going to happen. I’d like to think one day we’ll have leaders who don’t profit off of that, but I wonder if the process for getting to that point requires you to be in that kind of mindframe and the people who wouldn’t will never get there. Like I’d like to think if I had power I’d use it properly, but if I’m the type of person who wouldn’t abuse it, would I ever have the chance to get there? My faith in humanity has been waning for quite a few y ears, which is probably why I like writing about moral people with that kind of power lol. Fun fact: that’s what Superman is supposed to be. It”s not supposed to be a power fantasy about what if you had super powers; it’s about what if someone with those powers was good.

        I think there is a major shift. One of my high school friends said something back then that I still think about to this day. The old regime fights the hardest when change is imminent. What we’re seeing is the last gasp of that old regime, but it doesn’t die out quickly and it causes a lot of damage in its death throes. Seeing that chart of how the US’s left is really just center was shocking and revealing.

        Lol, I’ve actually wanted to at least visit for a long time! We almost went to London a few years ago, but things sadly fell through. Then I wanted to take my husband to Germany for Oktoberfest for his 40th birthday, but alas that didn’t happen either. One of these days, but yeah, I’ve heard you have your own problems, and I think it’s similar to what I said about old regimes.

        Ooooh that reminds me of CHAZ! it’s only a small thing now in Seattle (?) but it’s pretty much this cop free zone that was established, and of course they’re trying to smear it as anarchy and murder, but it’s really just people creating art, sharing resources, and listening to speakers. Honestly, it comes down to white men needing to share the spotlight, something they’ve NEVER had to do, and they’re so mad about it they’re throwing a fit. It’s always been about them, and when it’s not it’s seen as an affront because they’ve only ever known it to be that way.

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      6. I’m trying to not go the cynical route of thinking humans are shit, but it can be a real struggle. Growing older has meant slowly learning how to surround myself with good people, it’s a happy little bubble. But then I look at the news and it’s all awful again! Just remember, there ARE good people, everywhere, and while there are good people, there is hope and a reason to keep fighting.

        Ok, so now Chaz is somewhere I have to know about. Trying to find info online is, like you say, all angry stuff, so do you know more? I really want to visit there (not right now, obviously) is it possible to just visit? Could I? Are there places to stay? Have you ever been? This has been what I’ve been thinking – just create somewhere new. Unfortunately I know it would involve someone who isn’t me to do it. And then you have the problem you mentioned – you need to find someone with the organisational skills and confidence, but who isn’t a controlling narcissist. Tricky.

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      7. I’m in the same boat. Like I know the whole “humans are the virus!” stuff is super eco-fashy, but it’s really REALLY hard not to fall into that when you see blatant ignorance run rampant. What “helps” kinda is understanding how this kind of thinking arises. One of the people I follow on Twitter is an ex-evangelical and she has an excellent insight on that whole mode of thinking and how it’s pretty much shaped American politics. It’s how you get people not caring that their children are dying from preventable things so long as they’re following what they think is “god’s plan.” It’s…so fucked up, but understanding it makes everything make sense in a way. Like it doesn’t make ANY sense to me, but understanding that that’s how they think makes everything fall into place for why it’s all so bonkers. And tbh you will never reach some of these people. This is decades of indoctrination that they’re never going to let go of because they just can’t. All you can do is try to mitigate the damage they’re going to cause and try to not let it spread to further generations.

        Oooooh I have a link to a good video! Yeah, most of the media coverage is saying how terrible it is, but I don’t think it is at all. Let me find the video…

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      8. Christianity is so much more powerful in the US than the UK. I think my government are mostly just driven by greed, and those who follow them are obsessed that England is better than anyone else. Which are also bullshit reasons.

        I know a bit about the religious side because that’s my family – creationist, apocalypse obsessed and judgmental. I’m not a fan. And no, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s pure delusion and any attempt to reason with their logic will only enrage them because you are insulting their faith. I’ve been down that route too many times with my mum and at the moment I’m refusing to discuss almost any subject with her because it can only lead to hearing more hideous things.

        I live in my little bubble with lovely people who make me happy and I do my best to make the world a bit better in small ways. I hate to think of all the good, shiny people I encounter surrounded by cruelty, but until they make me king of the world (which really SHOULD happen) I’m stuck.

        Anyway, you’re one of the good, shiny people, so make sure you keep the bastards outside and make your own happy little empire with only good shiny people in.

        And thanks for the video, will have a look! 🙂

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      9. I’m not surprised you have experience with that kind of mindset given you wrote a fantastic book about the very same. It was all VERY similar to evangelicals, and it is very frustrating to arguing with them because of how their faith is intertwined with their being. I can understand it to a point as a fangirl, but I think the difference is I can deal with valid critiques of my faves whereas they will just throw anything against their belief set aside. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug. I knew the UK is less religious, but I know nationalism is becoming a big problem over there, too just like it is here ugh.

        I have my bastard repellent at the ready! Keep yours well holstered, too ♥

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      10. Yep, the way they see it, to even try and reason with their belief is an insult to their belief. Bastard repellent always with me! 😀 xx

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