And then a cat happened…


Feeling much more sprightly, I had plans to do stuff today. Do some writing, go to the garden centre and buy pots, but the title should give you a clue as to why I didn’t.

I always say, if you’ve got a cat, then your day is sorted. You don’t even need entertainment.

This cat walked in when I opened the front door and without introduction she had a wander around. She kept acting surprised to see me there. Almost as if I’d invaded her space.


We got to know each other. She’s a fan of friendly biting, which I’m not. And her tail shakes as if she’s having a fit. Oh and she likes lying on the floor, which I also don’t, but obviously I did for most of today so I could hang out with cat. I tried to tempt her onto the sofa, and she did jump up quite happily and snuggled up against me. Then she got up, moved along a bit and fell over, and then got up and moved further away and fell over, then walked back and bit me. Which was much more active than I was hoping for.


Cats and Sundays go together well. I hope she comes back tomorrow.

Anyway, TLDR? cat.


PS: My eye is much better now!

19 thoughts on “And then a cat happened…

    1. I saw no pee! I think it’s an anxiety/excitement thing, she calmed down eventually. Maybe I should mop the kitchen floor tho.
      I read your cat guide, thank you. I can’t imagine wiping down the cat with a damp cloth will go well, but I’ll give it a try.

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  1. Really pleased your eye is getting better. I’ve just come home from a walk and as I passed the car a cat jumped out and brushed him (her?) self against my leg a couple of times before going back under the car. Now I have to remember to check that before I go anywhere! Perhaps cats are getting fed up with isolating.

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    1. Oh, thinking about it, this might just be cats using the virus situation to become supreme rulers. Now it’s visits and friendly hellos, but they’re only sounding us out, soon it’ll be flick knives and traps. In our weakened, isolated state I reckon they could have us rounded up and controlled within a few weeks.

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    1. I know! And I want her back. But feeding someone else’s cat feels like stealing, whereas inviting her in for the day feels like just being friendly, and I can’t take the guilt!
      (and thank you!)

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    1. Ah, I’ve not seen a cat with those colours before, so I didn’t know, thank you. I’m fairly sure she has owners and just dropped by for a visit. She’s gone now, but she knows my door is always open too her.

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  2. Ooooh my Cid does the tail wiggle when we’re about to feed him! I googled it and it says it’s an excitement thing. We were worried about the peeing thing, too, but it’s apparently perfectly natural for them to do it when they’re excited and stay, er, dry. I’m convinced cats were put here by aliens/are aliens so I’m going to go with this one was checking in on you and plans to make a good report.

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    1. Oh, cats are put here by aliens? That makes sense? Are the cats themselves aliens? or were they Earth animals adapted for us? It explains the slightly superior attitude. And it’s like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, only instead of mice experimenting on us it’s cats. Maybe that’s all Schrodinger’s cat was, an experiment to see how Schrodinger reacted if the cat disappeared! Oooh!

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