Abandoned London


It occurred to me walking to work today, that London may never look this empty again once the virus is over, so I took a couple of photos. Although Dan reckons that London is changed forever now, the people won’t return.

‘So London will become a rotting husk? Just the occasional cyclist and confused tourist wandering about?’ I asked. He nodded.

Okey doke. We know the movies and the TV series, the plague comes and the busy city life never returns. We end up huddled around a camp fire roasting cockroaches on sticks and trying to open a tin of beans with a plastic spork. And yes, I am aware of how melodramatic I am, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong.


14 thoughts on “Abandoned London

  1. So, what time was your walk to work? I think it far more likely that everything will return to normal, just a little later in the day. Of course I, unlike you, am almost invariably wrong, so you’d best make sure you’ve got plenty of matches in. You may do better to eat the spork. I seem to remember from my boy scout days that baked bean tins can be opened, in extremis, by dropping a 3cwt anvil onto them – of course, I could be mixing that up with Road Runner – in which case I’d stick with the mushrooms that grow in the park… 😉

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    1. It was early, at 6am – true it had got busier by the time I went home, but i don’t think London ever looked that quiet at 6am before.
      So my emergency survival box needs to contain an anvil? Glad I know now, I’d have looked silly otherwise.
      To be honest, eating some mushrooms from the park is probably the best-worst way to deal with an apocalypse. I’ll put some dried ones in my survival box too 🙂

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  2. I’ve never liked the streets of London, even if they’re empty I still don’t fancy it. Only ever pushed myself to go when absolutely necessary e.g. to protest the stupid Badger Cull or the Climate Change demonstrations or important lectures on mycology… For my love of green spaces and stress levels rising as I get further and further away from those beautiful green spaces, 100% prevents me from enjoying being there every single second.

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      1. It’s good to know where you feel right. I’ve lived in isolated places too. I found them great until I saw that distant neighbour and they’d always want to talk, to know where I was going, to join them for a meal. I feel more at peace in London, because although I know a few neighbours, they have no interest in me.
        I do avoid crowds though, eugh.

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  3. Savour the peace while it lasts. My own house is next to the main road and it has never been so peaceful in the past 5 years. The birds and insects are breeding new varieties and I get surprises every other day. So far, I have seen 5 varieties of Myna, 2 new varieties of Indian nightingale, 2 new Wrens and the bird population here is multiplying by leaps and bounds. Once the traffic returns, life will become the same as usual…

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