Magical Death Weed Seeds: new evidence?

Photo from this great article about the plant prop from Day of the Triffids

I’ve been a bit shoddy posting recently, and I’m sure that many of you have been wondering: What about those mysterious Chinese seeds? Did they turn out to be Triffids?

Well there have been a few new revelations about the seeds, so I’m going to put an article up for any of you who’ve been wondering. There have actually been a few articles posted, mostly saying OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE THESE! WHERE HAVE THEY COME FROM? WHAT DO THEY WANT? DON’T PLANT THEM, WHATEVER YOU DO! A few countries have received them now: Canada, US, Australia, Ireland and UK – all English speaking countries, no idea if that’s significant.

One detail in the article is that the seeds come from Vanuatu as well as China, which aren’t two countries I think of as being connected. The article suggests we ‘avoid planting the seeds’ which is pleasantly mild, so I won’t set fire to the pot on my windowsill yet. It seems there are a few different species in the packets. Bamboo would have been nice and I like a Petunia, but I don’t think mine are either, so they may still be Triffids. It’s still unknown as to why the seeds have been sent – although the ‘brushing’ scam is mostly likely. Apparently the US are having an investigation and China are helping.

I will post more details, should any appear.

23 thoughts on “Magical Death Weed Seeds: new evidence?

    1. Hey, I’m touched you noticed! 🙂
      With the Triffids, in the book they are growing for ages in people’s gardens, but everyone leaves them there because they look cool and weird! I love that idea, we are such idiots, nursing the seeds of our own destruction. And of course, that idiocy now includes me, growing my own Triffid.


  1. OK. First thing, I have to admit I had to Google ‘Brushing’. Still don’t understand it, but I did look it up. Secondly, are you sure the seeds were totally unsolicited? You didn’t sell someone a cow along the way?

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  2. Your post put me on memory lane: As I recall back-in-the-day that while sponsoring a teenage child in Sierra Leone, who lived on her mother’s farm, I sent a packet of Lollo Rosso lettuce, because you were allowed to send a packet of balloons to small kids and it seem more appropriate. I sometimes wonder what happened to her and hope she is thriving and content, with splashes of joy in her life.

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  3. There’s certainly been a lot of hysteria about the seeds. I like your tongue-in-cheek take on it.

    Still, The core issue remains: they are NOT seeds of indigenous plants and should not be grown. Plants and seeds should be locally sourced – always.

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    1. Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

      But I think there’s a huge difference between growing in a pot indoors and growing outside where they can spread. I’m totally aware of invasive species (I have to weed out the buggers all the time) and diseases that can get carried in seeds, but I also have immense curiosity and want to know what these seeds are.

      So I’m growing them away from any other plants, away from open windows and I won’t let them produce pollen. If they turn out to be Triffids, I’ll kill them when very small. I promise.

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