London of the Plague

Last week the heat turned my brain to porridge and shriveled all the plants to dust. I didn’t post because I was too grumpy.

London looked sinister this morning

But now it’s cooler, greyer and my brain got impatient because I haven’t been on a proper adventure into London since lockdown began. So off I went.

I’ve been studying tunnels and catacombs under London recently and came across a place called Leake Street. This is a tunnel going under the platforms of Waterloo station, where graffiti is legal. It sounded like the kind of place I should know about, so I assumed I must have been there and forgotten. I was wrong.

I went today, I’ve never been before and it was ace, but a tiny bit creepy early in the morning.

You could see history in the walls. Layers of images piled up expressing rage, sadness, disgust and joy with life. Lots of current events (of course plenty of covid comment) and delight in colour and shapes.

Bit of anti-vac rage

I found this great blog showing the graffiti on the walls each day as they change – 100 Days of Leake Street.

Next week, more tunnels under London (albeit less colourful ones).

33 thoughts on “London of the Plague

      1. Yeah, but the government hushes it up. This is why the shops are all closing and they want us to wear masks. And 5G. Wake up, sheeple!

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      2. Or is that what they want you to think? Did you ever check a sleeping bag for wings? Notice any engines falling out of the KFC packaging? (i think I may have lost what I was arguing here. Was it something to do with global warming?)

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      3. Yeah, I’m all in a muddle. There was this angry guy and he was talking about 5G nanobots and lizard people and he told me that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a sheeple and I thought that sounded quite sweet but apparently it’s bad and he sold me a load of masks with holes in because that’s how you prove you’re not a sheeple and then he told me the stuff about the planes and actually this was all on twitter and now my head hurts. I’m going to have a little lie down.

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    1. Makes me aware of how much more everything is controlled now – both in NYC and London. I don’t know how I feel about it, because it does make life much safer for everyone, but it also feels quite sanitized. (not specifically the graffiti, I mean how much the cities have changed.)


  1. Hey Petra, the heat-based anger is understandable. The art was amazing, albeit creepy. The last pic was breathtaking. You forgot to click pics of the roof. It looked wow! Imagine how anyone would paint the roof without it falling back on their face. I couldn’t even stick a card sheet on my daughter’s playhouse’ roof (inside part). I had to tirn it upside down to achieve that feat.

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