Fantastic Mr Fox

This little guy was hanging about at my work today. Excuse the crappy photos, hopefully you can still see he’s a character from an unwritten children’s illustrated book. Unfortunately Fantastic Mr Fox is already taken, so I’ll need a new title – if you’ve got any ideas??

Erk! Having looked it up to check, I’ve discovered that Fantastic Mr Fox got made into a film where the fox looks like a chewed slipper. My fox would do a way better job. Look at that quizzical smile, those bright eyes.

And here:

He’s winking!

Presumably at some point me and the fox will have a tea party together along with a cranky elf. We’ll go through a magic door, and then work out how to fly a rusty car abandoned in a field.

22 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr Fox

    1. Abso-bloody-lutely that is his name! I’ve caught him in a quiet moment in those photos, looking quizzical and with that cheeky wink. However, the moment my back was turned I’ll bet he was being rambunctious all over the place. That is just how Reynard is!


  1. Tempted to suggest Four Foxes Ache but this is a kids book, right? So maybe Foxy Laddy. No?

    Then I quite fancy Fox Talbot: Henry Fox Talbot was a photographic pioneer — a talbot was a breed of hunting dog in the Middle Ages — and a dog fox is what your visitor is I guess.

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  2. What I love about foxes is they’re dog hardware with cat software. I think they’re the only canids to have slit pupils like cats because they’re night hunters.

    I was thinking Fabulous Mr. Fox, but that might be a bit too close to “Fantastic.” I remember reading that book when I was a girl along with every other Roald Dahl. Haven’t seen the movie. It looked weird but kind of cool/snarky.

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    1. I didn’t know that about the eyes, but it makes sense. There’s definitely something cat-like about them. I like your hardware-software metaphor – I think I might be human hardware with sloth software!

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