Gangster foxes turn nasty

Some of you might remember the gangster foxes, Talbot and Reynard, at one of the large gardens where I work. Their cheeky faces won over our hearts and their tendency to creep up on children in a sinister way fired up some panic. Seems they’ve gone one step further now.

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Gangster foxes: Talbot and Reynard

Today my boss got a call from a parent. We have a small playground for children with a sand pit. Turns out the foxes have been jumping into the sand pit where children are playing, stealing their toys and leaping out again. They then rip up the toys in front of the children before running off.

I did suspect that the foxes were setting up a protection racket, but it looks like some of the children have refused to take part and it’s led to rivalry and the start of territory war.

‘Nice dolly you have here. Be a shame if something happened to it,’ sneers Talbot while Reynard sniggers nearby. ‘Oops!’ says Reynard as the dolly’s head is snapped off.

This is not the Beatrix Potter style story I was hoping for when I posted their photos.

14 thoughts on “Gangster foxes turn nasty

  1. Reynard is the mastermind here. He stays on the lookout for big adults coming to the rescue of the kids and the dollies. Talbot should be afraid of kids wanting a wild pet, and mums that don’t say no. Talbot might get 2 to 3 years in the pin, with one meal a day. One hour walk time on a leash. Don’t do the Dollie crime, if you can’t do the time.

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    1. ๐Ÿ˜† To be a tame fox in the warm or a wild fox running free? That is the question.
      One thing that has confused me with this – where are the adults when all the drama is happening, but maybe Reynard has all kind of distraction techniques up his sleeve-paw. Perhaps he can mimic the adult’s car alarm.

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  2. Sandpit wars. Fox v Child. The TV stations will be fighting over it – although in truth there can be only one winner. Fox – sharp teeth, quick mind, fleet of foot. Child – ‘Doggy daddy, see the doggy daddy. Me want doggy daddy. Daddy! Me! Want! Doggy! ME WANT DOGGY!!! Mwaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!’ Daddy – fetch me a stupid jacket and a horse, I’m having the stupid ginger little prat… Child 1 – Fox nil. Daddy 6 months suspended.

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      1. Maybe they could organise a swap! (Don’t worry, we got the low down today, the foxes can’t be relocated, it’s illegal.)

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