All Seeing Eye



Today Mike found a drone lying in one of the gardens at work, under an Acanthus. I’m not sure if it got out of control, flew into the garden and then the owner couldn’t get in to retrieve it (the garden is gated) or if our residents are so rich that the owner couldn’t be bothered trying to find it. And I’m not sure what they were using it for. Do people fly them for fun like they flew remote controlled planes? Or only to take photos where they shouldn’t?

Acanthus sennii 3

The managers in the office are trying to spread the rumour that they’re using it to spy on us. I really hope Barry doesn’t find out about this, he’ll probably assume that it’s mine and I’m watching him. If he can believe helicopters are spying on him, then being paranoid about a drone is easy.

Word of the day: Bombilate – to hum, buzz or drone

23 thoughts on “All Seeing Eye

    1. Hmm, it *was* quite clean. It was sitting on the mess room table for a bit, and at one point I thought a light came on…


      1. Still at work, where I’m not. And NO, I am not checking out my window to see if it’s hovering outside!


  1. That word bombilate rang a bell in my mind. Perhaps Brigit Strawbridge told me via one of her talks? Brigit (might have changed her surname by now) is one of the most educated people on the subject of bees, bumble, solitary bees and the others…

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    1. Brigit Thingamajig sounds like a great person to talk to. I found evidence we had leaf cutter bees in one of our gardens today, I could have asked her about those 🙂

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      1. Ew! Why has technology created so many new ways to be a creep? At least with lasers you *know* you’re being shot at!


      2. Brilliant, I shall train a bat to blast it with sonar and flap it’s wings at the bastard until it falls out the sky! (I know, I know, not that type of bat 🤪 )


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