Nothing happened today. Zero. So I thought I’d share some unusual inspiration. Usually inspirational quotes make me feel lonely. Like peering through the window of a party I’m not invited to because I don’t relate to the perky thinking. Not that I’m miserable, I think life can be beautiful and people can be great and possibilities are endless if we can figure them out. But all the gushing sentiment rings hollow to me. It’s twee.

Then I discovered online artificially intelligent inspirational quotes (ie a computer creates them using existing inspirational quotes as a template). They tend more towards the bizarre, the nonsensical and the cynical, which suits me to a t. And who can disagree with ‘Choose not to be horrible’?


And this is something we all need to remember, right?

Word of the day: Afflatus – divine breath, inspiration


17 thoughts on “Inspirational!

  1. ‘Choose not to be horrible’: this is the most inspirational statement I have ever heard. ☺️ I will make it my statement of the month to see if it works for me! 😜

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    1. I agree with Shaily down there, this is an intriguing idea. It almost sounds like one of those paradox phrases, but isn’t. The inspiration it could provide is dangerous though, because if you *know* there is a single quote that can contain *all* wisdom, how would you let that go? Work, family, friends, all would pale into insignificance against that one quote. I’d become obsessed, unable to rest trying to figure it out.
      What *kind* of quote would it even be?
      Something simple and dismissive: It’s pointless, give up.
      Or something that pushes the boundaries of a sentence trying to encapsulate everything that humanity has figured out?
      Or even more tantalising is it wisdom that no one has ever thought of before, something that cuts through the whittering and the fuss, that solves all our turmoil in one swift phrase?

      Or could it be just more cynical marketing thought up by a smug ad exec wanting to incite our curiosity then sell us the usual unnecessary plastic crap? 😉

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      1. *sigh* I should have flogged this “quote” to HSBC and made myself a packet.

        On the plus side, I loved your ink-biopsy! More wisdom in your one grain of sand than the beach which is currently stuffed in my brain… 😁

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      2. Why thank you very much! 😀 (there’s always time to start that career in advertising, just think how rich you’d be if you sold your soul)

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