A.I. believes in me after all!


Note: I’m taking that as a literal huge pig, and not a reference to my love of all foodstuffs fatty or sweet.

I was fairly sure it was Thursday today, all day my brain kept assuring me It’s Thursday, definitely not Monday, even though that would mean that three days had vanished. Could this be the time portal?

 “I dwell in possibility…”

Emily Dickinson 

Word of the day: Brobdingnagian – immense

24 thoughts on “A.I. believes in me after all!

  1. Ha ha. The three days could well be under the sloping chairs. Check your self-setting clock! I have just finished writing a piece which I had decided I would use next week (because of length) and it uses the word Brobdingnagian – gonna have to change that huh… AND Emily Dickinson: The spreading wide my narrow Hands, To gather Paradise – Wonderful. You are telepathic… 🙂

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    1. No way! Definitely DON’T change it, you can’t mess with synchronicity, especially not when I’m looking for the time portal, imagine the potential mess!

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      1. OK – I would never mess with synchronicity. Anyway, if you DO find the time portal, synchronicity will be your oyster. Also, I might be wrong about the golf bag: maybe it’s not Brobdingnagian at all, maybe I have to check that I am not Lilliputian

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      2. Well good luck with the check, I hope it turns out you are the size you want to be, whatever that is. If you were Lilliputian enough, could you walk up walls?

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      3. Well, much of the time, yes, they’re great.
        But someone (can’t remember who now) recently told me that if we were small enough we’d be able to walk up walls.

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  2. Actually, just read that through. It looks like the piece for next week includes the Emily Dickinson quote – it doesn’t; that would be just TOO weird. It’s just a favourite. However, the fact that you have chosen Brobdingnagian IS weird. So now I have to toy with Colossal – not nearly so toothsome…

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