Artificial Inspiration knows me too well


When things get really bad, just raise your glass and stamp your feet and do a little jig. That’s about all you can do. – Leonard Cohen

Word of the day: plankwise – in the manner or direction of a plank

18 thoughts on “Artificial Inspiration knows me too well

    1. I’ve been trying, and it’s been relaxing, the gentle flow of mediocrity. But then my ego bounces back and I’m whizzing through the air, all unstoppable and deluded again 😉
      Glad you’re not dealing, keep the faith x

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    1. Well, your comment made me chuckle, but is clearly not true. Anyone who takes such happy ramblings through their thoughts as you do could never be called average.

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      1. What if all those “Normal” persons that we think are “Average” are indeed more than we give them credit and it is us that are the below par? For we cannot judge a book by its cover. The mundane and the exciting belong to us all, for we all eat and poop (unless we’re really unlucky) and we all go through things that no one else might ever be there to witness or witness things that others couldn’t possibly comprehend. Sometimes we’re all going to feel the pangs of “meh” about some parts of life and the lucky ones don’t dwell too long on it or go too deep. For there is beauty and wonder in the leaf just as much as the petal.

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      2. Yep, agree with most of that. Especially the bit about leaves 🙂 Not sure I’d want to label anyone ‘below par’ though, (including me) we’re all just chugging along best as we can, we don’t have a duty to succeed. Like you say we all poop and have our moments of wonder.

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  1. Been a fan of Leonard Cohen since my teen years. He is first of all a poet. He chose a singing career because he knew he could not support himself by writing poetry. However, if you put the poems to music …. we are richer because of his choice.

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    1. Very, very true. His lyrics leave me stunned sometimes. I didn’t know he was a poet, but it makes sense. Music makes his words easier to hear and drink down.

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  2. I am average. Learned it first year of the university. It is cool knowledge. Makes a life a lot easier. I like to be average or even below. I don’t know….. it takes a lot of pressure away.

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    1. Now this is a way to be happy! Many years ago I had a similar realisation of how insignificant I am and it was delightful. Unfortunately I forget and start fretting that I should have done more and sorted the world’s issues. Insignificance is a nice thing to meditate on sometimes.


  3. I have always believed that everyone is the hero of their own story–the central character. Think of all your life and you will find that a certain person is YOUR boss, YOUR mother/father, YOUR friend, YOUR critique, YOUR employer, YOUR wife/husband or YOUR son/daughter… We all have stories to tell and moments to live.
    How can a central character be average? That’s just not how the stories go…
    Maybe AI should deal with the fact that it is below average! 😋

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