A few blogs from the past…

For anyone wandering this way, here are a few of my favourite blogs that I don’t want to be forgotten.

The Lost Islands of Xogulano


There’s the story of a woman on a mission to catalogue the bizarre plants and animals of the Island of Xogulano. But she finds a world more dangerous than she expected. In the Lost Islands of Xogulano.

Inspirational Posters for the Inept


There’s the Motivational Posters for the Inept where you won’t find ‘If you can’t handle me at my best’ or ‘dance like no one’s watching.’ But you might find something that makes you smile.

A Couple of Novels


You can find extracts and info about the two books I’ve published. Riddled with Senses, a tale of love drugs and a dance with the Devil. Peddling Doomsday, about a cult that gets out of control. You can also find a few things I figured out about self-publishing, here.

There are many, many short stories and tiny stories. Such as Celebrity Sociopath or Living Ghosts.

Brain Injury


And finally, you can find me talking about the brain injury and PTSD that happened to me thirteen years ago. These weren’t easy to write about, but I figured out so many things about how to care for myself that I believed could be useful to other people going through the same. Some also commented it at the time that the ideas were helpful for anyone, brain damage or not.

Take care of yourselves, blogsters! I look forward to visiting again soon.