A wise aspiration for us ALL


Quite a few politicians at the moment seem to be making the leap from self-interested-and-incompetent to fucking-despotic. So AI has come up with a great ambition to aim for.

Word of the day: Barbarocracy – government by barbarians

I’ve been a bit confused about how our painters have been painting the house. They’ve got scaffolding up which is attached to the wall, covering small sections of it. It also rests on the steps that they’re painting a nice cheery red. But how can they paint under/behind the scaffolding? Will they do those bits after?

No sign of Brennan, the sad walking man. It’s been days now.

12 thoughts on “A wise aspiration for us ALL

  1. Two hopes for Brennan: 1. he’s getting some help or 2. he doesn’t need any.
    As for the paintwork. Either the painters understand osmosis or they’ll piss off before the scaffolding comes down and leave you with a camouflaged building.
    And as for the politicians – surely they’re just all ensuring that they don’t lose their job for at least a couple more years…

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    1. I like the idea of keeping the scaffolding, it’s like a personal climbing frame. Unfortunately all the local kids may think so too.
      And the politicians? I don’t think they need to keep their parliament jobs, they’ll be plenty of opportunities with all their corporate mates who they’ve been making rich with reduced taxes. 😡

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