Wise words for a sorry world


Well here’s some inspiration I actually agree with!

Then today the scaffolding was down and the painters had gone. I was wondering yesterday how they would paint underneath where the scaffolding was against the wall/step. The answer is: they wouldn’t, they’d leave it unpainted. UWnpainted squares all over the walls and ground.



At least there’s no way the landlady can pin this on us.

7 thoughts on “Wise words for a sorry world

  1. Hah! Right for once in my life: the camouflaged building. Next a man with a ladder to paint where the scaffolding has been; then a man with a stepladder to paint where the ladder has been and finally a man with a brush tied to a very long stick to get the last bits… nah, you’re right, they’ll leave ’em. Who’s gonna tell the landlady? I would like it to be me and I don’t even know the witch!

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    1. We’ve been discussing plans to hide behind the curtains when she turns up, so we can watch her reaction 😀
      I like your painting relay, very efficient!

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